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#pCO2compare: Great intercalibration experiment aims to reduce uncertainties in the ocean CO2 observations

Added on: 2021-06-30
The global ocean captures approximately 25% of the anthropogenic carbon dioxide emissions. However, this figure still entails large uncertainties. For the next two weeks, the global marine carbon observation community gathers with developers of relevant measuring systems and sensors in Ostend, Belgium for a large intercalibration exercise in the Marine Station Oostende of VLIZ. The European research infrastructure ICOS (Integrated Carbon Observation System) ocean community is taking the lead in this effort aiming to reduce the uncertainties in the global observations. ...

Minister Van Quickenborne visits Marine Robotics Centre in the framework of the blue economy

Added on: 2021-06-22
On Tuesday 22nd of June 2021, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Justice and the North Sea Vincent Van Quickenborne visited Ostend at the invitation of The Blue Cluster to get to know more about a number of exciting initiatives within the blue economy. The program included a visit to the VLIZ' Marine Robotics Centre and a demonstration of the uncrewed surface vehicle 'Adhemar'. ...

First long-term observatory for genomic biodiversity in Europe launched

Added on: 2021-06-21
Today, the first sampling campaign in the framework of the brand new European Marine Omics Biodiversity Observation Network (EMO BON) takes place. The aim of the observation network is to ensure a steady, continuous generation of biodiversity data. EMO BON will ultimately provide Europe with a means to monitor and understand its marine biodiversity, and fill the current gaps in the European biological observation data. It is no coincidence that the sampling kicks off on the annual 'Ocean Sampling Day' (June 21st), the day on which marine scientists and citizens worldwide take seawater samples. ...

More harmful algal bloom impacts emerge amid rising seafood demand and coastal development

Added on: 2021-06-08
UN delivers the first-ever global assessment report after 7 years’ work by 109 experts in 35 countries – among them VLIZ researcher Maarten De Rijcke – creating a baseline to detect and gauge the changing distribution, frequency, and intensity of harmful, often poisonous algal blooms. Trends in the number of HAB events found to vary across regions. Overexploitation, however, acts as a natural multiplier of HAB effects, leading to an increase in the harm caused in step with growth of the aquaculture industry and marine exploitation and calls for more research on linkages. ...

RV Simon Stevin receives ICOS label for standardised greenhouse gas measurements

Added on: 2021-06-07
ICOS, Integrated Carbon Observation System, announces that 12 more greenhouse gas measurement stations have passed the rigorous ICOS quality assurance process for standardised data production. The newly certified stations, among which the Flemish research vessel Simon Stevin, are located in seven out of 13 ICOS member countries, and in all three ICOS domains – atmosphere, ecosystem and ocean. These include three stations in Italy, two stations in Germany, Denmark and Finland, as well as one station in Belgium, Czech Republic, and Norway. ...

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