Ethics & Values

Ethiek en waarden

VLIZ strives for an inclusive corporate culture, a diverse workforce and an open and safe working environment where everyone can express their views respectfully. This includes intervening through mediation when respect is under pressure and pursuing inclusiveness in terms of both communication and recruitment. VLIZ believes that this motivates and keeps employees engaged, resulting in more effective and efficient work. To ensure diversity in the organisation, VLIZ wrote a Gender Equality Plan

In addition, VLIZ also has a social responsibility. VLIZ subscribes to the Open Science Policy, which means that VLIZ publishes to the widest possible audience, that events are open to everyone as much as possible and that science awards are open to any college or university. The information and knowledge we build and share is open to all for free. Our buildings and technical spaces also serve scientists to the extent possible.

Core values

The following four values characterise an employee of VLIZ, and are also propagated by the organisation itself.

Enthusiastic commitment


VLIZ employees enthusiastically put themselves at the service of the organisation. They act according to the goals, vision and values of the organisation and bear responsibility for the tasks they perform. Employees are given the opportunity to participate in the functioning of the organisation.

Open service


At VLIZ, we are open and service-minded towards others, both employees and customers. We give employees the opportunity to develop themselves and offer ideas. At the same time, we meet customers' needs and provide good service.

Outstanding professionalism


Acting at VLIZ is done in a reasoned and knowledgeable manner. Job-related knowledge is necessary to be successful. We are driven to use, maintain and expand this expertise.



VLIZ holds integrity in high regard. Employees consistently and sincerely express principles and values of the organisation and act accordingly in a professional manner.

Governance values

VLIZ also endorses governance values, as reflected in the Corporate Governance Charter. With this, VLIZ wants to organise the governance structure and decision-making processes more efficiently, make them more transparent and objective.

Want to read more? Download the VLIZ Good Governance Charter and the accompanying Appendices to the VLIZ Good Governance Charter (in Dutch).

Scientific integrity

VLIZ promotes responsible scientific research practice. Thus, it hopes that research produces reliable, qualitative and verifiable results. The VLIZ therefore follows the principles of scientific integrity, as described in the Ethical code of Scientific Research in Belgium (in Dutch, 2009) and the European Code of Conduct for Research Integrity (2017).  

To monitor these principles, VLIZ employs a responsible research manager. This person is the contact person for questions regarding integrity and scientific (mis)conduct. In case of a breach of scientific integrity, an ad hoc committee will be set up. VLIZ is a member of the Flemish Commission for Scientific Integrity (VCWI), which can provide a second voice for those involved in an infringement. By agreeing to the rules of the VCWI VLIZ recognises the opinions of the VCWI.

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