Become a VLIZ partner

Through its philanthropy work, VLIZ offers companies the opportunity to become partners and work together to promote the importance of the seas and ocean. Through a partnership with the VLIZ, your company can fulfill its role under the Environmental, Social & Governance framework. Your support for marine research helps your company embed sustainability and contributes to the achievement of sustainable development goals. The seas and ocean are not only contained in SDG 14 Life below Water which relates to the conservation and sustainably use of seas, ocean and marine resources. Other sustainable development goals are also important for the blue planet, such as SDG 9 on innovation, SDG 2 on sustainable food production, SDG 7 on renewable energy, etc.

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Companies are increasingly committed to outlining a future-oriented and sustainable business policy in addition to their economic activities. Not only employees, but also customers and stakeholders appreciate this progress in economic, sociological and ecological terms. Also if this relates to the seas and ocean.

Through sponsorship, all projects and grants of The Sea as a Good Cause can be supported. Marine research is the field where innovation from science and industry reinforce each other, which is why we invite companies to sponsor a BMRI grant, for example. However, our other projects and grants can benefit equally from sponsorship. Contact and we will look at the possibilities together.

Does your company envisage a different concept? We would be happy to explore with you the possibility of a partnership around marine/maritime projects, such as:

  • supporting expertise exchange and capacity building in the Global South
  • setting up a public campaign to promote the importance of the seas and ocean among the general public
  • organising educational events on a certain marine / maritime topic of interest, e.g. a seminar or chair at a university
  • support monitoring campaigns (long-term alias several years)
  • support short-term research (a few months) or medium-term research (several years, e.g. PhD)

Together, we can seek the connection between your company's core business and the interests of the seas and ocean. Would you like to exchange ideas?  You can contact us via