The Sea as a Good Cause, VLIZ's charity work, contributes to scientific knowledge about the coast and seas anywhere in the world through projects and funds. Each research has a neutral, objective message. The research question can be driven purely by curiosity or wonder, or work in the short or longer term towards sustainable management of the world's ocean by generating new scientific knowledge and measurement data.

The themes on which The Sea as a Good Cause works focus on - but are not limited to - climate change (the interaction between ocean, climate and biodiversity), ocean health and the ocean's relationship with human health, complemented by more general themes such as exploration, marine observations and technological innovation.

These projects and scholarships exist by grace of donors, members and sponsors. If we want to maintain tthis marine research, expand them or start new ones, we could use your support. This can be done in different ways: become a member of VLIZ, donate, include The Sea as a Good Cause in your will, consider a gift, become a partner or shop the Sea&Science collection.