The library is a public information center housing a wealth of information about the Flemish coast, the North Sea and the world's oceans. The collection can be browsed online, or on-site on the InnovOcean Campus.  Library items cannot be borrowed, but items can be scanned (for free).

The core collection of the library is the Belgian Marine Bibliography (BMB). This reference list consists of publications on the Flemish coast and the Belgian part of the North Sea, and all other marine, estuarine and coastal publications linked to a Belgian institution.  

The VLIZ pursues open communication. The library tries to make as many publications as possible digitally freely accessible. The core collection (BMB) mentioned above is made available through a portal: the Open Marine Archive (OMA).

More information on the content and strategy for further expansion of the library collection can be found in the Collection Policy Plan (2019)

New acquisitions: newsletter

Those who like to stay informed about new publications in the library can subscribe via this mail adress. Unsubscribing to the newsletter with acquisitions can be done through this mail address.

Requesting literature (including documents not yet present in the library) and submitting your own publications can be done through library@vliz.be.

Address & contact VLIZ library 

The library is open to the public, but preferably by appointment. Contact us via email or by phone at the information below.

InnovOcean Campus 
Jacobsenstraat 1 
B-8400 Oostende 

Tel +32 (0)59 34 21 37

Fax +32 (0)59 34 21 31

email: library@vliz.be