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Technologie en innovatie


At VLIZ, we believe that Technology and Innovation are essential to tackle the current limited ability to make comprehensive observations in the world’s ocean and seas. There is an emerging need for ocean data to improve our understanding, management and sustainable use of the marine environment. We believe increased inclusion and further technological developments of inegrated observation networks, including Marine Autonomous Systems, will advance our capacity to measure the Essential Ocean Variables and fill important data gaps to advance our scientific knowledge and solve pressing scientific questions.

With as goal to advance marine science in Flanders, VLIZ is developping, co-ordinating and providing access to major platforms, observing systems and technical expertise. To this end VLIZ invests in instruments, technologies, sea going-  and data platforms, and supporting research centres such as the Marine Robotics Centre and the Marine Observation Centre.

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De USV in de haven van Oostende
Technologie en innovatie


Greenland Gradients

We have over the last 25 years made long-term environmental measurements in East Greenland, mostly in the Daneborg/Zackenberg area. Time is ready to scale up our measurements to the regional scale eventually to all of Greenland. Through a close collaboration between different science disciplines (atmosphere, cryosphere, terrestrial, limnic and marine environmental scientists) and during the last years together with engineering, the Arctic Research Centre at Aarhus University have ambition to use new technology for such an upscaling.


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Revolutionizing Marine Research: VLIZ and Maritime Robotics unveil cutting-edge Long Range Unmanned Surface Vehicle Gobelijn

06/03/2024 - 13:52
Flanders Marine Institute (VLIZ, Belgium) takes a major step towards full-fledged remote-controlled operations for marine research and innovation. Following a European tender, VLIZ awarded the contract for the construction of a long-range, multi-purpose, unmanned surface vehicle (USV) to Maritime Robotics (Norway). Over the last year, Maritime Robotics and VLIZ have collaborated intensively on the...