Scientific Committee

The Scientific Committee supports the Board in formulating high-quality and scientifically sound advice and ensures the image of the VLIZ. It is composed of representatives of various disciplines from all Flemish research institutes, reinforced with foreign experts.

Members of the Scientific Committee

Ghent University

  • Effective members: Jana Asselman, Marleen De Troch
  • Deputy members: Griet Neukermans, Peter Troch

Antwerp University

  • Effective members: Gudrun De Boeck, Filip Meysman
  • Deputy members: Ronny Blust, Stijn Temmerman

Free University Brussels

  • Effective members: Margaret Chen, Marc Kochzius
  • Deputy members: Tom Van Der Stocken, Karolien Van Puyvelde

Catholic University Leuven

  • Effective members: Jaak Monbaliu, Pieter Rauwoens
  • Deputy members: Gert Jan Weltje, Erik Toorman

Hasselt University

  • Effective member: Tom Artois
  • Deputy member: Natalie Beenaerts

Flanders Research Institute for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food - ILVO

  • Effective member: Hans Polet
  • Deputy member: Bart Sonck

Research Institute for Nature and Forest - INBO

  • Effective member: Maurice Hoffman
  • Deputy member: Eric Stienen

Flemish Institute for Technological Research - VITO

  • Effective member: Bart Deronde
  • Deputy member: Inge Genné

Flanders Environment Agency - VMM

  • Effective member: Didier D'hont

Flanders Hydraulics

  • Effective member: Karim Bellafkih
  • Deputy member: Toon Verwaest

Flanders Heritage Agency

  • Effective member: Marnix Pieters
  • Deputy member: Tom Lenaerts

This committee consists of three interlinked and mutually reinforcing components

1. The Scientific Board is a compact steering group that provides qualitative and scientifically based advice to the Board.
2. The Guidance Committee is convened annually for a plenary meeting. This is open to a broad group of marine scientists and allows discussion of important new and planned activities.
3. Expert Groups are thematic working groups composed of the most relevant experts from Belgium and abroad. They are set up for a limited or longer period of time.