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Marine Observation Centre

Within the Marine Observation Centre (MOC), the Flanders Marine Institute builds on the activities that were started within the LifeWatch ESFRI project. The MOC performs essential and long-term multidisciplinary observations in the marine environment, in order to improve our understanding of the dynamics and changes of marine and coastal ecosystems. This is done by developing, deploying and optimizing cost-effective, innovative and integrated observation systems. These consist of a network of bio-sensors at sea and in the coastal area, in combination with monthly and seasonal multi-disciplinary measurement campaigns with the RV Simon Stevin on the Belgian part of the North Sea.


  • performing ad hoc observations and generating long-term high quality data series using innovative, state-of-the-art automated techniques (biotelemetry, GPS localization, image-based and acoustic recording, genetic profiling, etc.) to perform biodiversity-related measurements – if possible in real time;
  • coordination of a monthly multi-disciplinary monitoring campaigns in the Belgian part of the North Sea;
  • development and refinement of smart measurement methods and data processing workflows including artificial intelligence and machine learning;
  • contributing to strengthening Europe’s Capability in Biological Ocean Observations and engaging in local, European or global projects and networks with a focus on marine observations and observation systems;
  • valoristaion of high quality long-term data series, which feed into research in e.g. the areas of plankton ecology, echolocation and marine noise, biotelemetry and fish movements.

Staff members:

Head of division and contact: Klaas Deneudt

Staff members