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Dr Edouard Delcroix Prize

HYDRO vzw and the Flanders Marine Institute vzw (VLIZ) organise the international triennial scientific Dr Edouard Delcroix Prize, to award a scientific study on the links between oceans and human health.

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The Dr Edouard Delcroix Prize is an international scientific prize, with a value of 25 000 EUR, which will be awarded to a researcher or a research team for a scientific study on the links between oceans and human health. The prize has been established in honour of Dr Edouard Delcroix (1891-1973), Belgian orthopaedic surgeon and pioneer in thalassotherapy. A Dr Edouard Delcroix Incentive Award, with a value of 2 500 EUR, will reward for the first time the work of an early career scientist.

The aim of the Dr Edouard Delcroix Prizes is to foster fundamental and applied scientific research which makes a significant contribution to:

  • an improved understanding of the actual and potential health benefits from marine and coastal ecosystems, e.g. the “Blue Gym” effect, marine biodiscovery, thalassotherapy and functional revalidation in seawater;
  • a reduction in the burden of human diseases linked with marine environmental causes, e.g. harmful algal blooms and other biogenic toxins, eutrophication, transmission of pathogens and chemical pollutants and the impact of human activities such as aquaculture.

The submission deadline for the next award is 31 December 2019.

The Award Ceremony for the laureates of the Dr Edouard Delcroix Prize 2016 takes place on 5 September 2017. More information is available at the following link.

Previous laureates and prize presentations

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