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Go-ahead for new spearhead cluster on blue economy

Added on: 2018-04-20
The Flanders Innovation and Entrepreneurship agency gave the green light to a new spearhead cluster on "blue economy". This Blue Cluster must focus on partnerships between knowledge institutions, government institutions and companies, and develop innovative projects that appeal to the economic potential of our North Sea. VLIZ played its role as a contact point for the marine research landscape and was responsible for ensuring the scientific substantiation of the application. ...

Exhibition "1914-18 - The Battle of the North Sea" takes a look at submarine warfare from WWI

Added on: 2018-04-19
On Monday 23 April the long-awaited exhibition “1914-18 - The Battle of the North Sea” opens its doors to the public. This expo commemorates the U-boat peril from World War Iand the British response to it – the raids on Zeebrugge and Ostend. Housed in the Provincial Palace in the historic heart of Bruges (Belgium) the exhibition brings the gripping story of the U-boat threat on the North Sea. On display will be many special artifacts, among others a previously undisplayed collection of Victoria Crosses (medals awarded for bravery) and unique remains of the recently-discovered wreck of the German submarine UB-29. ...

High-tech LifeWatch observatory unravels marine life in North Sea

Added on: 2018-03-07
LifeWatch Belgium, as a part of the European LifeWatch infrastructure, can be considered as a virtual laboratory for biodiversity research. With the support of Flanders to LifeWatch, VLIZ has a.o. developed a Marine Observatory. It aims to collect scientific data with innovative technology in an automated manner, and to make these data freely available to all potential users. On the one hand, several innovative devices to map phytoplankton (Flow Cytometer) and zooplankton (Video Plankton Recorder) are used during monthly campaigns in the Belgian part of the North Sea. On the other hand, four passive networks register and detect the presence of larger organisms (birds, porpoises, bats and fish) with a minimal human effort. ...

MarineRegions.org launches update register worldwide maritime borders and names

Added on: 2018-02-26
The Flanders Marine Institute (VLIZ) has been investing for more than 10 years in an open source system for making maritime borders available and names underwater locations worldwide: MarineRegions.org. The download of shapefiles (polygons or polylines) and checklists of maritime and underwater locations is free for academic and educational users*. In the latest version of Marine Regions (v10), new treaties were added and the disputes known from the earlier version addressed to us were addressed. ...

Student job vacancies at VLIZ for summer 2018

Added on: 2018-02-13
Each year VLIZ recruits several students working for us in the months of July, August or September. Interested student employees may send a CV, letter of motivation and preference for period and activity or division before 16 April 2018. ...

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