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La Perna R. (2008). Revision of the Nuculanidae (Bivalvia: Protobranchia) from the Cerulli Irelli collection (Mediterranean, Pleistocene). Bollettino della SocietÓ Paleontologica Italiana. 46(2-3): 125-137.
La Perna R.
Revision of the Nuculanidae (Bivalvia: Protobranchia) from the Cerulli Irelli collection (Mediterranean, Pleistocene).
Bollettino della Società Paleontologica Italiana
46(2-3): 125-137.
stated date: January 15, 2008
The present work completes the revision of the Early Pleistocene (Calabrian) protobranchs from the shallow water deposits of Monte Mario and surrounding localities (Rome), present in the Cerulli Irelli collection. Additional material, mostly from the Bellardi & Sacco collection, was also studied in order to clarify the taxonomic status of some poorly known species described in the early literature. Three nuculanid genera are dealt with: Saccella Woodring, 1925, Lembulus Risso, 1826, and Jupiteria Bellardi, 1875. The Plio-Pleistocene species of Saccella have been often confused as a single, notably variable species, usually reported as Nuculana fragilis (Chemnitz, 1784) or N. commutata (Philippi, 1844). Four species of Saccella occurred in the Mediterranean Plio-Pleistocene: S. commutata (Philippi, 1844), S. consanguinea (Bellardi, 1875), S. bonellii (Bellardi, 1875) and S. calatabianensis (Seguenza, 1877). Of these, S. commutata and S. calatabianensis were present in the Early Pleistocene. Other Plio-Pleistocene species of Saccella are expected, basing on literature data and on available material. Lembulus included a single Plio-Pleistocene and extant species, L. pella (LinnÚ, 1758). Jupiteria occurred in the Plio-Pleistocene with a single shallow water species, J. fissistriata (Foresti, 1897 ex Meneghini ms), but two other deep-water species are known: J. concava (Bronn, 1831) and J. gibba (Seguenza, 1877). These genera show a general southward shift in distribution through the Miocene-Pleistocene, which led Saccella and Lembulus to disappear from the North Sea and Jupiteria from the Mediterranean and adjacent Atlantic.
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Lembulus Risso, 1826 (status source)
Saccella Woodring, 1925 (status source)
Saccella commutata (Philippi, 1844) (new combination reference)