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Monstrilla Dana, 1849

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Thaumaleus Krřyer, 1849 (subjective junior synonym)
Species Monstrilla anglica Lubbock, 1857
Species Monstrilla angustipes (Isaac, 1974)
Species Monstrilla conjunctiva Giesbrecht, 1902
Species Monstrilla filogranarum (Malaquin, 1901)
Species Monstrilla ghirardellii Suárez-Morales, Goruppi, de Olazabal & Tirelli, 2017
Species Monstrilla gracilicauda Giesbrecht, 1893
Species Monstrilla grandis Giesbrecht, 1891
Species Monstrilla leucopis Sars G.O., 1921
Species Monstrilla longicornis Thompson I.C., 1890
Species Monstrilla longiremis Giesbrecht, 1893
Species Monstrilla minuta Isaac, 1975
Species Monstrilla obesa Isaac, 1975
Species Monstrilla roscovita (Malaquin, 1901)

Species Monstrilla rigida Thompson I.C., 1888 accepted as Cymbasoma rigidum Thompson I.C., 1888 (nomen nudum)

Species Monstrilla canadensis McMurrich, 1917 accepted as Monstrilla helgolandica Claus, 1863 accepted as Caromiobenella helgolandica (Claus, 1863)
Species Monstrilla claparedei (Giesbrecht, 1892) accepted as Cymbasoma claparedei (Giesbrecht, 1892)
Species Monstrilla dubia Scott T., 1904 accepted as Monstrillopsis dubia (Scott T., 1904) (synonym)
Species Monstrilla frondipes (Isaac, 1975) accepted as Cymbasoma frondipes Isaac in Grygier & Suárez-Morales, 2018
Species Monstrilla gigas (Scott A., 1909) accepted as Cymbasoma gigas (Scott A., 1909)
Species Monstrilla helgolandica Claus, 1863 accepted as Caromiobenella helgolandica (Claus, 1863)
Species Monstrilla longispinosa Bourne, 1890 accepted as Cymbasoma longispinosum (Bourne, 1890)
Species Monstrilla malaquini (Caullery & Mesnil, 1914) accepted as Cymbasoma malaquini (Caullery & Mesnil, 1914)
Species Monstrilla pallida (Isaac, 1974) accepted as Cymbasoma pallidum (Isaac, 1974)
Species Monstrilla pygmaea Suárez-Morales, 2000 accepted as Caromiobenella pygmaea (Suárez-Morales, 2000)
Species Monstrilla serricornis Sars G.O., 1921 accepted as Caromiobenella serricornis (Sars G.O., 1921)
Species Monstrilla similirostrata (Isaac, 1974) accepted as Cymbasoma similirostratum (Isaac, 1974)
Species Monstrilla striata (Isaac, 1974) accepted as Cymbasoma striatum Isaac, 1974
Species Monstrilla tenuis (Isaac, 1974) accepted as Cymbasoma tenue (Isaac, 1974)
Species Monstrilla zetlandica (Scott T., 1904) accepted as Cymbasoma zetlandicum (Scott T., 1904)
marine, brackish, fresh, terrestrial
Not documented
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