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McIntosh, W.C. [as M'Intosh]. (1885). Report on the Annelida Polychaeta collected by H.M.S. Challenger during the years 1873-1876. Report on the Scientific Results of the Voyage of H.M.S. Challenger during the years 1873–76. Zoology. 12 (part 34): i-xxxvi, 1-554, pl. 1-55, 1A-39A, & Annelida stations map.
McIntosh, W.C. [as M'Intosh]
Report on the Annelida Polychaeta collected by H.M.S. Challenger during the years 1873-1876.
Report on the Scientific Results of the Voyage of H.M.S. Challenger during the years 1873�76. Zoology
12 (part 34): i-xxxvi, 1-554, pl. 1-55, 1A-39A, & Annelida stations map
World Polychaeta Database (WPolyD). Last ms batch received 20/07/1885. John Murray's editorial note is dated 1 September, 1885, indicating publication was soon after that date.
Editors, there are hundreds of Annelida linked. Do not add a duplicate record for this McIntosh work. Please keep this source citation clean (no notes about minor McIntosh comments on other phyla - those belong to citation notes for those taxa records).
[Extract from the lengthy discursive introduction]: "Towards the middle of 1877 I received intimation from Sir Wyville Thomson about the examination of this part of the collection, which he described as somewhat limited in extent. A review of the specimens, however, on their arrival proved that instead of being limited, the series was an extensive one, and reflected much credit on the scientific staff of the Expedition. This was probably due to the interest taken in the group by the late Dr. Rudolf von Willemoes-Suhm, a young naturalist of great ability, whose previous acquaintance with the Annelida had been considerably extended by a trip to the Faeroes just before the equipment [ie mobilization for voyage] of the Challenger."
Systematics, Taxonomy
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Allmaniella McIntosh, 1885 (original description)
Allmaniella setubalensis McIntosh, 1885 (original description)
Ampharete gracilis Malmgren, 1866 accepted as Anobothrus gracilis (Malmgren, 1866) (additional source)
Amphicteis gunneri (M. Sars, 1835) (additional source)
Amphinome rostrata (Pallas, 1766) (additional source)
Amphinome vagans (Savigny, 1822) (additional source)
Aphrodita aculeata Linnaeus, 1758 (additional source)
Aricidea fragilis Webster, 1879 represented as Aricidea (Aricidea) fragilis Webster, 1879 (additional source)
Branchiomma vesiculosum (Montagu, 1815) accepted as Acromegalomma vesiculosum (Montagu, 1813) (additional source)
Chaetozone benthaliana McIntosh, 1885 (original description)
Ehlersiella McIntosh, 1885 (original description)
Eunice aphroditois (Pallas, 1788) (additional source)
Eunice torquata Quatrefages, 1866 accepted as Leodice torquata (Quatrefages, 1866) (additional source)
Eunice vittata (Delle Chiaje, 1828) (additional source)
Eupista McIntosh, 1885 accepted as Eupistella Chamberlin, 1919 (original description)
Eusyllis tubifex (Gosse, 1855) (additional source)
Euthelepus McIntosh, 1885 (original description)
Euthelepus setubalensis McIntosh, 1885 (original description)
Glycera capitata Örsted, 1842 (additional source)
Glycera tesselata Grube, 1863 (additional source)
Grubianella McIntosh, 1885 (original description)
Harmothoe haliaeti McIntosh, 1876 (additional source)
Hermodice carunculata (Pallas, 1766) (additional source)
Hipponoe gaudichaudi Audouin & Milne Edwards, 1830 (taxonomy source)
Hyalinoecia bilineata Baird, 1870 accepted as Aponuphis bilineata (Baird, 1870) (additional source)
Hyalinoecia tubicola (O.F. Müller, 1776) (additional source)
Hydroides norvegica Gunnerus, 1768 (additional source)
Laetmonice filicornis Kinberg, 1856 (additional source)
Laetmonice producta Grube, 1877 (additional source)
Lagisca peracuta McIntosh, 1885 (original description)
Leanira hystricis Ehlers, 1874 (additional source)
Lepidonotus squamatus (Linnaeus, 1758) (additional source)
Macellicephala McIntosh, 1885 (original description)
Maldane malmgreni McIntosh, 1885 (original description)
Maldane sarsi Malmgren, 1865 (additional source)
Maldanella McIntosh, 1885 (original description)
Melinna elisabethae McIntosh, 1885 (original description)
Melinna maculata Webster, 1879 (additional source)
Melinnopsis McIntosh, 1885 (original description)
Myriochele heeri Malmgren, 1867 (additional source)
Nothria conchylega (Sars, 1835) (additional source)
Notomastus agassizii McIntosh, 1885 (original description)
Notopygos megalops McIntosh, 1885 (original description)
Pista mirabilis McIntosh, 1885 (original description)
Placostegus tridentatus (Fabricius, 1779) (additional source)
Polynoe (Robertianella) synophthalma McIntosh, 1885 accepted as Robertianella synophthalma McIntosh, 1885 (original description)
Potamilla torelli Malmgren, 1866 (additional source)
Protula lusitanica McIntosh, 1885 (original description)
Robertianella McIntosh, 1885 (original description)
Sabella bipunctata Baird, 1865 accepted as Bispira melanostigma (Schmarda, 1861) (additional source)
Salvatoria McIntosh, 1885 (original description)
Scalibregma inflatum Rathke, 1843 (additional source)
Scalisetosus McIntosh, 1885 (original description)
Serpula vermicularis Linnaeus, 1767 (additional source)
Syllis capensis McIntosh, 1885 accepted as Syllis armillaris (O.F. Müller, 1776) (original description)
Syllis setubalensis McIntosh, 1885 accepted as Haplosyllis spongicola (Grube, 1855) (original description)
Terebellides stroemi [auctt. misspelling] accepted as Terebellides stroemii Sars, 1835 (additional source)
Thelepus cincinnatus (Fabricius, 1780) (additional source)