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Sanamyan, N. P.; Sanamyan, K. E., Galkin, S. V., Ivin, V. V. and Bocharova, E.S. (2021). Deep water Actiniaria (Cnidaria: Anthozoa) Sicyonis, Ophiodiscus and Tealidium: re-evaluation of Actinostolidae and related families. Invertebrate Zoology. 18 (4) :385-449.
10.15298/invertzool.18.4.01 [view]
Sanamyan, N. P.; Sanamyan, K. E., Galkin, S. V., Ivin, V. V. and Bocharova, E.S.
Deep water Actiniaria (Cnidaria: Anthozoa) <i>Sicyonis</i>, <i>Ophiodiscus</i> and <i>Tealidium</i>: re-evaluation of Actinostolidae and related families
Invertebrate Zoology
18 (4) :385-449
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Several species of deep-water sea anemones belonging to three genera, Sicyonis, Ophiodiscus and Tealidium, previously assigned to Actinostolidae, are recorded in North Pacific and North Atlantic and described. It is shown that these genera cannot be maintained within Actinostolidae. Family Sicyonidae was reinstated for Sicyonis and Ophiodiscus, while Tealidium, together with related Anthosactis and Hormosoma, is transferred to a new family Anthosactinidae fam.n. Recently described Tetracoelactis, originally assigned to Exocoelactinidae, is transferred to a new family Tetracoelactinidae fam.n., which shows some affinity with Sicyonidae. Removing Sicyonis from Actinostol-idae in the present work resulted in the validation of this family: till now wide usage of this family name was invalid because Actinostolidae Carlgren, 1893 was a junior subjective synonym of Sicyonidae Hertwig, 1882. The following new taxa are described: Sicyonis denisovi sp.n., Sicyonis kuznetsovi sp.n., Sicyonis titanic sp.n., Ophiodiscus bukini sp.n., Ophiodiscus moskalevi sp.n., Tealidium konoplinorum sp.n., Anthosactinidae fam.n., Tetracoelactinidae fam.n.
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Actinostolidae Carlgren, 1932 (taxonomy source)
Anthosactinidae Sanamyan, Sanamyan, Galkin, Ivin & Bocharova 2021 (original description)
Anthosactis Danielssen, 1890 (new combination reference)
Sicyonidae Hertwig, 1882 (redescription)
Sicyonis Hertwig, 1882 (taxonomy source)
Tealidium Hertwig, 1882 (new combination reference)