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Gagarin, V. G.; Naumova, T. V. (2016). Ethmolaimus riparius sp. n. and Paramononchus major sp. n. (Nematoda) from Lake Baikal, Russia. Zootaxa. 4098(3): 582-592.
10.11646/zootaxa.4098.3.10 [view] [view]
Gagarin, V. G.; Naumova, T. V.
<em>Ethmolaimus</em> <em>riparius </em>sp. n. and <em>Paramononchus </em><em>major </em>sp. n. (Nematoda) from Lake Baikal, Russia
4098(3): 582-592
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Two new nematode species found in Lake Baikal (Russia) are described and illustrated. Ethmolaimus riparius sp. n. is morphologically close to E. pilosus Shoshin, 1998 and E. lanatus Shoshin, 1998. The new species differs from E. pilosus by the longer and thinner body (L = 12281501 m, a = 2634 vs L = 7201070 m, a = 1923), larger stoma (2632 m long vs 1924 m long), longer spicules and gubernaculum (4550 m long and 2125 m long vs accordingly 3237 m long and 8 m long). E. riparius sp. n. differs from E. lanatus by the longer body (L = 12281501 m vs L = 6801180), shorter cephalic setae (its length is equal 1.11.4 labial region diameter vs 1.62.1 labial region diameter) and longer spicules and gubernaculum (4550 m long and 2125 m long vs accordingly 2530 m long and 78 m long). Paramononchus major sp. n is close to P. orientalis Gagarin & Naumova, 2012, but differs from it by the longer body (L = 59267820 m vs L = 30813778 m), longer spicules (410475 m long vs 208238 m long) and larger number of precloacal supplements (5261 vs 2124). Keys for the identification of valid species of the genera Ethmolaimus and Paramononchus are given.
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