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Holovachov, O.; Bostrm, S. (2014). Swedish Plectida (Nematoda). Part 5. Rhadinema timmi (Vitiello, 1971) comb. n. Zootaxa. 3779(4): 477-486.
10.11646/zootaxa.3779.4.6 [view]
Holovachov, O.; Boström, S.
Swedish Plectida (Nematoda). Part 5. <em>Rhadinema</em> <em>timmi</em> (Vitiello, 1971) comb. n.
3779(4): 477-486
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Leptolaimus timmi Vitiello, 1971 is redescribed from bottom sediments collected in the Skagerrak off the west coast of Sweden. New morphological data necessitate the transfer of this species to the genus Rhadinema Cobb, 1920. The main diagnostic characters of Rhadinema timmi (Vitiello, 1971) comb. n. include: 1.31.8 mm long body; rounded labial region weakly offset from body contour; cephalic setae 24 m long; amphid located 1219 m from anterior end; first body pore located 2230 m from anterior end; lateral field absent; stoma tubular: cheilostom with six weakly cuticularised longitudinal rugae, gymnostom with sclerotized bar-shaped rhabdia, stegostom long, tubular; female without supplements, vagina without pars refringens, vulva midventral; male with 1011 tubular and without alveolar supplements; spicules arcuate and 2130 m long.
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