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Winston, J. E. and F. J. Maturo Jr. 2009. Bryozoans (Ectoprocta) of the Gulf of Mexico, Pp. 1147–1164 in Felder, D.L. and D.K. Camp (eds.), Gulf of Mexico–Origins, Waters, and Biota. Biodiversity. Texas A&M Press, College Station, Texas.
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Aetea anguina (Linnaeus, 1758) (additional source)
Aetea sica (Couch, 1844) (additional source)
Aetea truncata (Landsborough, 1852) (additional source)
Aeverrillia armata (Verrill, 1873) (additional source)
Aeverrillia setigera (Hincks, 1887) (additional source)
Alcyonidium polyoum (Hassall, 1841) (additional source)
Amathia distans Busk, 1886 (additional source)
Anguinella palmata Van Beneden, 1845 (additional source)
Aplousina filum (Jullien & Calvet, 1903) (additional source)
Arthropoma cecilii (Audouin, 1826) (additional source)
Beania hirtissima (Heller, 1867) (additional source)
Beania mirabilis Johnston, 1840 (additional source)
Biflustra arborescens (Canu & Bassler, 1928) (additional source)
Bowerbankia gracilis Leidy, 1855 accepted as Amathia gracilis (Leidy, 1855) (additional source)
Buffonellaria divergens (Smitt, 1873) (additional source)
Bugula avicularia (Linnaeus, 1758) accepted as Bugulina avicularia (Linnaeus, 1758) (additional source)
Bugula dentata (Lamouroux, 1816) accepted as Virididentula dentata (Lamouroux, 1816) (additional source)
Bugula flabellata (Thompson in Gray, 1848) accepted as Bugulina flabellata (Thompson in Gray, 1848) (additional source)
Bugula fulva Ryland, 1960 accepted as Bugulina fulva (Ryland, 1960) (additional source)
Bugula neritina (Linnaeus, 1758) (additional source)
Bugula stolonifera Ryland, 1960 accepted as Bugulina stolonifera (Ryland, 1960) (additional source)
Caberea boryi (Audouin, 1826) (additional source)
Chorizopora brongniartii (Audouin, 1826) (additional source)
Conopeum tenuissimum (Canu, 1908) (additional source)
Copidozoum tenuirostre (Hincks, 1880) (additional source)
Crepidacantha poissonii (Audouin, 1826) (additional source)
Cribellopora trichotoma (Waters, 1918) (additional source)
Crisia denticulata (Lamarck, 1816) (additional source)
Crisia elongata Milne Edwards, 1838 (additional source)
Crisia ramosa Harmer, 1891 (additional source)
Cupuladria biporosa (Canu & Bassler, 1923) (additional source)
Cupuladria doma (d'Orbigny, 1853) accepted as Reussirella doma (d'Orbigny, 1853) (additional source)
Diplosolen obelia (Johnston, 1838) accepted as Diplosolen obelium (Johnston, 1838) (additional source)
Electra monostachys (Busk, 1854) (additional source)
Entalophoroecia deflexa (Couch, 1842) (additional source)
Escharina porosa (Smitt, 1873) accepted as Therenia porosa (Smitt, 1873) (additional source)
Escharina vulgaris (Moll, 1803) (additional source)
Exechonella antillea (Osburn, 1927) (additional source)
Exidmonea flexuosa (Pourtalès, 1867) (basis of record)
Fenestrulina malusii (Audouin, 1826) (additional source)
Gemellipora eburnea Smitt, 1873 (additional source)
Hippopodina feegeensis (Busk, 1884) (additional source)
Hippoporidra edax (Busk, 1859) (basis of record)
Hippothoa flagellum Manzoni, 1870 (additional source)
Jellyella tuberculata (Bosc, 1802) (additional source)
Lichenopora radiata (Audouin, 1826) accepted as Patinella radiata (Audouin, 1826) (additional source)
Membranipora tenuis Desor, 1848 accepted as Biflustra tenuis (Desor, 1848) (additional source)
Micropora coriacea (Johnston, 1847) (additional source)
Microporella ciliata (Pallas, 1766) (additional source)
Mollia patellaria (Moll, 1803) (additional source)
Nolella stipata Gosse, 1855 (additional source)
Parasmittina trispinosa (Johnston, 1838) (additional source)
Parellisina curvirostris (Hincks, 1862) (additional source)
Proboscina incrassata Smitt, 1867 (additional source)
Puellina innominata (Couch, 1844) accepted as Puellina (Cribrilaria) innominata (Couch, 1844) accepted as Cribrilaria innominata (Couch, 1844) (additional source)
Puellina radiata (Moll, 1803) accepted as Cribrilaria radiata (Moll, 1803) (additional source)
Reptadeonella violacea (Johnston, 1847) (additional source)
Savignyella lafontii (Audouin, 1826) (additional source)
Schizobrachiella sanguinea (Norman, 1868) (additional source)
Scrupocellaria bertholleti (Audouin, 1826) accepted as Scrupocellaria bertholletii Audouin, 1826 accepted as Cradoscrupocellaria bertholletii (Audouin, 1826) (additional source)
Scrupocellaria maderensis Busk, 1860 accepted as Scrupocaberea maderensis (Busk, 1860) (additional source)
Setosella vulnerata (Busk, 1860) (additional source)
Smittoidea reticulata (MacGillivray, 1842) (additional source)
Synnotum aegyptiacum (Audouin, 1826) (additional source)
Tessaradoma boreale (Busk, 1860) (additional source)
Trematooecia turrita (Smitt, 1873) accepted as Cigclisula turrita (Smitt, 1873) (additional source)
Watersipora subtorquata (d'Orbigny, 1852) (additional source)
Zoobotryon verticillatum (Delle Chiaje, 1822) accepted as Amathia verticillata (delle Chiaje, 1822) (additional source)