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Underwater noise as a 'canary' for shallow coastal waters

06/28/2024 - 10:30
In her PhD thesis, Clea Parcerisas (VLIZ, UGent) focused on developing automated methods for analysing and characterising the totality of underwater sounds in shallow and heavily exploited coastal areas. In order to use this so-called soundscapes – caused by both nature and human activities – as an early warning signal or 'canary' when monitoring noise pollution and other human impacts in the sea.


LifeWatch is a European infrastructure for biodiversity research. It is a virtual laboratory composed of observatories, databases, web services and modelling packages spread across many European Member States. This network facilitates the generation, processing, ...

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Integrated Carbon Observation System is a European research infrastructure that monitors the greenhouse gas balance of the European continent and adjacent regions. Closely measuring the greenhouse gas balance will help to better understand the ...

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Follow RV Simon Stevin

The multidisciplinary research vessel is deployed for coastal oceanographic research in the Southern Bight of the North Sea and the Eastern Channel. It responds to the needs of the various marine ...

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Care about the sea

You love the sea and are looking for a channel to do something extra for this salty world? The VLIZ can help you. Your membership fees, donations, gifts and bequests are targeted and used worldwide to increase scientific knowledge about the sea and promote social awareness about the great importance of the world's oceans. The philanthropy work of the VLIZ is the only charity in Flanders that focuses specifically on marine research.


De Grote Rede

De Grote Rede is the information magazine on coast and sea for the region of Flanders and its surroundings. With three major contributions and nine regular sections, De Grote Rede offers...

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Testerep magazine

Testerep magazine is the VLIZ's digital news channel for the broadly interested in marine knowledge. Whether you are a scientist, journalist, citizen, teacher, business leader or policy maker. Subscribe to the monthly newsletter ...

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With this annual summer newspaper, the Flemish Institute for the Sea (VLIZ) and the province of West Flanders want to correctly inform coastal tourists and provide bite-sized facts...

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Compendium for coast and sea

The Compendium for Coast and Sea is an integrated knowledge document on the socioeconomic, ecological and institutional aspects of the coast and sea....

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Sea & Science collectie

By buying a product from the Sea&Science collection of the Flemish Institute for the Sea (VLIZ), you support the sea. Profits go to coastal, marine and ocean research worldwide. More knowledge leads to better insights for a sustainable future. So you can continue to enjoy the sea!

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