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Strategic objectives

VLIZ is an autonomous institute with the legal status of a non-profit organisation under Belgian law and has six strategic objectives.

The six strategic objectives of VLIZ are:

  • Initiate, support, promote and implement innovative and multidisciplinary marine research for the benefit of, in collaboration with or complementary to Flemish and international marine research groups.
  • Promote the national and international image of Flemish marine research.
  • Serve as a national and international point of contact in the field of marine research.
  • Promote ocean literacy in Flanders and marine research visibility among the general public.
  • Provide tailored scientific data, information, knowledge and insights to the Flemish marine research community, the blue economy and policymakers with regard to marine matters.
  • Deploy and manage large marine research infrastructure, including research vessels, a marine station and the Flemish Marine Data Centre.