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Research division

From 2017 onwards, the Flanders Marine Institute (VLIZ) has the mandate to detect challenges and opportunities for marine research in Flanders and to work towards implementation of the identified priorities. To this end a new Research division was established, including a research director, a data science manager, an infrastructure science manager, scientific research assistants and research scientists.


The Research division developed the VLIZ research framework and aims to implement the identified priorities, including prospecting, preparing project proposals and partnerships, and the search for funding.

The Research division does this, where possible, in collaboration with other departments within VLIZ and with (marine) research groups in Flanders, Belgium and abroad. In the implementation of the research themes, the potential for data-driven research will always be evaluated in order to valorize the capacity built up in VLIZ.

Staff members:

Head of division and contact: Michiel Vandegehuchte

Staff members