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Projects and grants philanthropy

A VLIZ philanthropy project contributes to the scientific knowledge about coastal and marine areas anywhere in the world. Each project carries a neutral and objective message. Projects can be inspired by mere curiosity or wonder, or contribute to more sustainable ocean management in the short or long term by generating new scientific knowledge and measuring data. Projects try to involve not only professional scientists but also children, youngsters and other layers of society in the acquisition and collection of knowledge (citizen science, ocean literacy). Each proposal is presented to the Scientific Committee of VLIZ, who in his turn, presents the proposal to the General Assembly of VLIZ for approval. Each project needs to be supported by at least one VLIZ-staff member who will act as ‘godparent’ of the project.

Measuring is knowing, citizens can help

VLIZ is participating in the development of a measuring network for our coastal waters with the assistance of experts and volunteers. Regular monitoring of the beach and the North Sea by means of specialized measuring equipment generates a large volume of data that our scientists can use to expand their knowledge, to analyse problems and to propose possible solutions.


The sea is a source of inspiration and innovation

Innovative topics can be examined in research projects. Your contribution enables young scientists to conduct research into all kinds of topics, with a special focus on emerging and new issues such as jellyfish invasions, plastic pollution, recently discovered marine structures, phenomena and species, underwater archaeology or new sampling and exploration technologies.


The ocean has no limits

A worldwide and interdisciplinary network of marine researchers is required to address certain issues with regard to our oceans. Through its north-south programme VLIZ wants to offer young scientists the possibility to gather knowledge and to exchange experience with colleagues in other coastal regions.