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Projects 2000-2018

HOT TOPICS: Climate change

Climate Change Impacts on the Marine Environment: Research Results and Public Perception
The CLAMER project will combine the knowledge about the impact of climate change on European marine ecosystems and species, and the public perception with regard to the problem in the coastal areas of the various regional seas.
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Innovative technologies for safer European coasts in a changing climate
THESEUS will develop a systematic approach to delivering both a low-risk coast for human use and healthy habitats for evolving coastal zones subject to multiple change factors. The innovative combined mitigation and adaptation technologies to be considered will include ecologically-based mitigation measures, hydro-morphodynamic techniques , actions to reduce the impact on society and economy and GIS-based software to support defense planning.
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ArctEco: Biodiversity and ecosystem function under changing climatic conditions – the Arct...
One of the Responsive Mode Projects (RMP) of MarBEF. ArctEco aims at producing a conceptual model of the effect of climate change on biodiversity and ecosystem functioning in the Arctic. ArctEco will compile and disseminate taxonomic knowledge on Arctic areas.
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Towards a resilient coastal zone. Wave action in a changing climate: effects on the dynamics...
The CREST project aims to increase the knowledge of coastal processes (waves, tides, sediment transport, wind … ) near the coast and on land and this within the framework of coastal safety.
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