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PlaneetZee Awards

The marine field course and the dive initiations of PlaneetZee@Work, prizes worth 6.000 EUR, are annually offered by VLIZ to the winning PlaneetZee@Work classes from higher secondary schools.

With PlaneetZee@Work, secondary school classes can attend a workshop in a laboratory of a marine research group to experiment, measure and think about a current scientific issue. After the end of the lab, the classes design a scientific poster. The three classes with the best poster are selected which can orally defend their work on front of a jury. Two finalists will win a diving initiation and the winner leaves on a multi-day marine training in the marine station Wimereux. During this educational training the young people learn about different aspects of marine research and they get the chance to perform various measurements that provide insights into the marine environment. The Opal Coast is an area characterized by sandy and rocky beaches, beautiful cliffs, dunes, estuaries and linked to them a rich marine science history. It is the perfect place to convince students how fascinating the sea and the associated research is.

Finalists edition 2016-2017:

1st place: Bernardustechnicum Oudenaarde, 14 pupils, 5th year biotechnische wetenschappen TSO - Mrs. Boone Mieke          

2nd place: Berkenboomhumaniora Sint-Niklaas, 16 pupils, 6th year Wetenschappen-Wiskunde ASO - Mrs. Gogaert Christel      

3th place: KA Pegasus Oostende, 10 pupils, 5th year wiskunde-wetenschappen optie practicum ASO - Mrs. Van Laethem Lieselotte       

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