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Are you working as a student at VLIZ this summer?

Added on 2023-03-10
Every year VLIZ recruits several students working for us in the months July, August or September. For the summer of 2023 we are looking for a number of enthusiastic students for the various departments of the Flanders Marine Institute. Interested students can submit their candidacy via the online form (up to April 16). Mid-May you will be contacted by our HR department.

Job students at VLIZ anno 2022 (VLIZ)

Every summer, several students have the opportunity to work for one month – during the months of July, August or September – at VLIZ on various projects and new initiatives. Among others:
  • the provision of logistical support to marine researchers;
  • the development of data infrastructures and marine data management;
  • the development of web applications;
  • the sharing of marine information with various target groups;
  • the development of (digital) content such as video, infographics, websites, etc.;
  • the acquisition, disclosure and reorganisation of marine scientific information in the library;
  • the support of a sustainable and scientifically founded coastal and marine policy.
Candidates are offered pleasant working conditions and an appropriate salary. We ask for an open and dynamic attitude, as well as a high sense of quality. Knowledge of the sea and/or marine sciences, or of specific aspects of data management or communication is an advantage. Students of marine-related training have a certain preference.

Would you like to work as a job student at VLIZ for one month? Fill in the online form and send us your curriculum vitae, together with a motivation letter and any preference for the period, activity or department where you would like to be employed.


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