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VLIZ strengthens cooperation with Ecuador on marine sciences

Added on 2020-10-06
On 6 October a Memorandum of Understanding was signed to confirm the existing Flemish-Ecuadorian cooperation in marine research and strengthen the exchange of data, information and expertise between the two countries.

Photo: VLIZ

The Flanders Marine Institute (VLIZ) and the Directorate-General for Maritime Affairs (DIGEIM) of the Ecuadorian Navy have been collaborating since 2008 in the field of marine capacity building, the exchange of marine data and the protection of biosphere reserves in the coastal zone (Unesco Science Trust Fund of the Flemish government). On 6 October 2020, both parties signed an agreement to confirm and further develop this partnership.

The cooperation agreement mentions objectives such as the joint implementation of marine research projects, the strengthening of the links between the marine research networks in both countries, and the exchange of data, information and expertise on various themes (like economic valorisation of the ocean, ocean conservation, pollution, blue carbon, marine spatial planning, blue economy, combatting illegal fishing practices, marine spatial data, research infrastructure, climate change, sea level monitoring …).

The document was co-signed by John Merlo – Director-General of Maritime Affairs of the Belgian Navy – and Carl Decaluwé – Governor of West Flanders and Chairman of VLIZ. Ecuador's ambassador to Belgium, Pablo Ortiz, took part as a witness. The signing took place simultaneously in Bruges (Belgium) and in Quito (Ecuador) in the presence of Mr. Luis Gallegos, Ecuador's Minister of Foreign Affairs. He stressed the importance of international cooperation for ocean conservation and the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals in the Agenda 2030.

More pictures of the signing of the MoU on the VLIZ photo gallery.


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