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Marine Data Archive

Scientific data are unique and need to be prevented from being lost. For this reason VLIZ developed the Marine Data Archive: a secure, online system where researchers can archive their data files in a well-documented manner. The MDA is used as an archive for research groups, to disclose public data files and to manage data files within contexts such as projects.


Datafiles are archived in a hierarchical set of folders. The 3 main domains are:

  • Private: only accessible with a personal account
  • Shared: accessible for a group of persons within a specified context
  • Public: accessible for everyone having an MDA account

Access right are organised using an account based registration procedure. Different levels exist: reading and writing rights.

More on the content of the Marine Data Archive is described in the Manual.

Some examples of application:

  • e-room ScheldeMonitor: project domain in support of the project group Research and Monitoring Scheldt Estuary
  • Data archive for internal management of datafiles:  Marbiol data archive: INBO data archive, NIOO data archive,...
  • Data archive in the frame of projects: Westbanks data archive; OMES data archive; BIOFUSE data archive,...

More information about the Archive is available in the manual.
The principles applied by the data centre when handling your data have been established in a data policy.