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Marine Regions, towards a standard for georeferenced marine names
“Marine Regions”, an open-access, standardised, hierarchical list of geographic names, linked to information on and maps of the geographic location of these names. It includes geographic marine names worldwide, including ocean basins, seas, sandbanks, ridges, bays and other marine geographical placenames and attributes, and displays the boundaries of marine biogeographic or other managed marine areas
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Collection of static Maps on coastal and marine regions
Static maps customized or created in the framework of projects, publications or for scientists, on demand.
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Scientific Treasures: four centuries of Coastal Research in the picture
Four centuries of coastal research in the picture : historical illustrations, photo's, maps and plans of our own marine region, and of our most important sea researchers. All items have the necessary interpretation (title, source, ...) and a short description of the content.
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ScheldeMonitor: knowledge and information system for research and monitoring on the Scheldt...
The ScheldeMonitor is a Flemish-Dutch knowledge and information system for research and monitoring in the Scheldt estuary. This portal gives you an overview of publications, institutions, projects, datasets, ... Related to the research and monitoring in the Scheldt estuary and provides access to measurements and data products such as maps, charts and indicators.
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European Marine Observation and Data Network - Biology Lot
This project website provides information on the progress of the biological preparatory action and gives access to the marine biological data portal and metadata catalogue.
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A Biological Valuation Map for the Belgian Continental Shelf
The project aims to develop a scientifically acceptable and widely applicable valuation strategy for marine areas and to apply this strategy to the Belgian Continental Shelf.
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The Coastal Atlas
Online atlas about the Belgian coast with graphs, interactive maps, figures, …
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Coastal Compass: Indicators as guidelines for integrated Coastal Zone Management
The Coastal Compass discusses the 21 indicators and attempts tat framing them into a wider vision. In the Coastal Compass the information from the barometer gives the trends of the past years at a single glance. The first edition was launched in March 2006.
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Historical maps of the coastal zone
In HisGISKust, historical maps from the 16th, 17th and 18th century with specific information about the Belgian coast and/or the Scheldt are digitally disclosed. The maps are georeferenced in order to visualise and compare them in a standardised way. Derived products and metadata of the maps are made available to end users in open access. Furthermore, time-lapse movies with the evolution of the coastal zone and information about toponyms and cartographers are made available.
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Towards a resilient coastal zone. Wave action in a changing climate: effects on the dynamics...
The CREST project aims to increase the knowledge of coastal processes (waves, tides, sediment transport, wind … ) near the coast and on land and this within the framework of coastal safety.
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