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VLIZ acts as a point of contact in the field of marine sciences. This means that VLIZ permanently maps the marine scientific landscape – including the research groups – in Flanders and Belgium so as to actively promote the available expertise both at home and abroad (VLIZ mission).

VLIZ has engaged itself to disclose the research groups of universities and scientific institutions with a marine, coastal or estuarine focus in the best possible way. Within the scope of the Compendium for Coast and Sea these marine research groups and their output are inventoried in a systematic and replicable way. Furthermore, the expertise and research infrastructure of the marine research groups, as well as relevant legislation and funding channels for marine research and innovation are disclosed.

Via the search interface below, you can consult information relating to marine research groups on the basis of their research domain or discipline, or the type of institution. If you are looking for a research group with a specific expertise, you can also search by means of key words.

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In addition to the marine research groups of universities and scientific institutions, VLIZ also aims to make services and organisations with considerable marine expertise such as administrations, non-governmental organisations and consultation platforms accessible. More information on these entities can be obtained in the integrated marine information system (IMIS).