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Gifts, Donations & Bequests

  • Your financial support enables marine scientists, engineers and students to come up with creative solutions for current problems, develop innovative techniques and support sustainable use of our ocean. Gifts, donations or a bequest, any form of support advances marine scientific knowledge!


Different ways to financially support marine scientific research:

1. A gift for The Sea as a Good Cause 

Gifts or donations are crucial for the functioning of The Sea as a Good Cause. They contribute to the financing of our projects and grants.

VLIZ is recognised as a scientific research institute which can offer tax reduction for gifts. Gifts as from EUR 40 qualify for tax reduction. A tax certificate will be sent to you during the month of March or April following the year of the donation.

You can transfer a donation to bank account number IBAN BE70 0017 1687 3425 (BIC GEBABEBB) of Vlaams Instituut voor de Zee vzw (Bank: BNP Paribas Fortis. Address: Centrumplein 8a, 8450 Bredene). If you donate by bank transfer, enter your first name, surname and the word gift in the 'reference' field (for example: Jan Janssen gift).
If you wish to receive a tax certificate, please do mention your full name and address in the reference of your bank transfer.

For private donors the ceiling of a tax-deductible donation is set at 10% of the net taxable income. For further information please visit the website of FOD Financiën (Dutch only).

Companies can also make a gift though the tax rules are different. For companies donations are deductible per tax year up to a maximum of 5% of their total taxable income.

2. Larger donations boost marine research

Via a donation you can transfer your goods during your lifetime. The Sea as a Good Cause is grateful to receive larger donations. We are happy to invite you to discuss which scientific projects or grants express your interest and how you can optimally invest in marine research with your donation.

The Flemish government encourages donations to charities, because your donations are immensely important for the financing of The Sea as a Good Cause. Regardless of the value of the donation, since 1 July 2021 the rate for charitable donations is 0%. Please note that different rates apply for those who live in the Brussels-Capital Region or in the Walloon Region.

Would you like to donate a larger financial amount (donation of movable goods)? Then there are several options:

  • a manual gift
  • a bank gift
  • a donation via notary

If you wish to donate real estate (a house or land) (gift of non-movable goods), this is done by means of a notarial dee

You can read more information about donations on the website FOD Financiën and on
Please contact your notary to ask for recommendations regarding your donation.


3. A future for the sea thanks to your will

You can leave (part of) your assets in a will to the philanthropic activities of VLIZ. This is an extremely valuable way to contribute to a sustainable future of the seas and ocean.

To make a bequest to a good cause will be taxed in Flanders from 1 July 2021 at a rate of 0%. With this, the Flemish government wants to encourage people to bequeath to a good cause, these legacies are extremely important for the financing of The Sea as a Good Cause. Regardless of the value of the bequest, the rate for a bequest to charities is 0% from 1 July 2021 onwards. Please note that different rates apply for those who live in the Brussels-Capital Region or in the Walloon Region.

Did you formulate in the past a will with a duo legacy? Then we advise you to contact your notary to ask for recommendations to work out a new arrangement, since the rules in this regard have changed since 1 July 2021.

We suggest that you consult your notary regarding the details of your will.  A useful website in this context is

Your contact at The Sea as a Good Cause

For any questions on our philanthropy program, gifts, donations or a bequest please contact Karen Rappé ( or +32-(0)59-34 14 94). If desired, we would be happy to arrange an appointment to provide more information or to discuss personalized options.