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Data submission

VLIZ aims to support the data management activities of Flemish marine scientists in the best possible manner. The documentation of data and the availability of data files is crucial to the use and interpretation of scientific data.

To accomplish these goals VLIZ has developed data systems which allow scientists to archive, share, describe and publish their data:

The data submit form can be filled out if you would like VLIZ to publish your dataset, but also if you only want to advertise the existence of your dataset by creating a metadata description in IMIS.
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You can use the Marine Data Archive (MDA) to archive your research data. The MDA allows you to safeguard sensitive data in a personal folder or to share it within your research group or with project partners.
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VLIZ provides scientists the opportunity to formally publish their dataset by assigning a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) to it. A formal data publication procedure will help assure that the dataset is citable and traceable.
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For more information or in case of questions as to the submission of data, please contact .
The principles applied by the data centre when handling your data have been established in a data policy.