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Compendium for Coast and Sea

The Compendium for Coast and Sea is an integrated document about the socio-economic, environmental and institutional aspects of the coast and the sea in Flanders and Belgium.

In collaboration with a network of experts*, Flanders Marine Institute (VLIZ) developed this initiative with the aim to encompass the dispersive information and data from the Flemish-Belgian marine sciences in a scientific and neutral way. The integrated and multidisciplinary character of the Compendium aims to increase the communication within the broad network of marine scientists and experts (from industry, policy, etc.) who are professionally involved with the coast and the sea. Furthermore, it increases the visibility and accessibility of marine research.

The publications that are an integral part of the Compendium for Coast and Sea are disclosed in an interactive way on the Compendium website and can be downloaded below:

  • Indicator Report Marine Research and Innovation 2018: Trends and figures on marine research and marine innovation in Flanders and Belgium (Pirlet et al. 2018)
  • Knowledge Guide Coast and Sea 2022: Information portal on the use of the coast and sea in Flanders and Belgium (Dauwe et al. 2022)
  • Expert Guide Marine Research 2018: Portfolio of marine research in Flanders and Belgium (Mees et al. 2018)
  • Catalogue Marine Research Infrastructure 2018: Overview of the available infrastructure for marine research in Flanders and Belgium (Dauwe et al. 2018)
  • Marine Policy - Policy instruments and legislation 2018: Overview of the most pertinent international, European, federal and Flemish marine policy context (Verleye et al. 2018)
  • The CoastalINsight 2019: an area-specific knowledge base for the Belgian coastal zone (Dutch) (Dauwe et al. 2019)

In addition to the Compendium for Coast and Sea, a practical geoportal for marine experts, the 'Coastal Portal' has been developed. The Coastal Portal aims to generate customised data products and visualisations around a whole range of marine and coastal themes with the Belgian North Sea as its focus area. A series of useful weblinks provides a strong link between the two initiatives. The Coastal Portal is systematically updated, both in terms of content and functionality.

*The ‘Compendium for Coast and Sea’ expert group consists of a network of experts from policy and the scientific community who support the development of the integrated document.