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The IT division develops, maintains and optimizes marine data systems by making use of recent technologies and standards. The department is also responsible for IT Operations Management of the various systems. Finally, the department also provides IT end-user support for VLIZ and other partners on the InnovOcean site.


  • Development of data systems to support marine scientific research. This includes the maintenance, optimization and user support of these systems. The use of modern technologies and standards is always encouraged in this. Examples: Integrated Marine Information System (IMIS), taxonomic register Aphia, MarineRegions, Marine Data Archive (MDA) … -  see overview
  • IT Operations Management: follow up and monitoring a large number of systems (applications, databases, servers, network ...) that must remain operational and highly effective. Examples: Sea Level Station Monitoring Facility of IOC/UNESCO, GeoServer, real-time data synchronisation systems (e.g. MIDAS) …
  • Offering support in solving IT-related hardware and software problems for VLIZ employees and partners on the InnovOcean site.
  • Participation in (inter)national networks and projects to cooperate or stay informed of new technologies and standards. Examples: Steering Committee World Register of Marine Species (WoRMS), Catalogue of Life (CoL) Information Systems Group, Biodiversity Information Standards (TDWG), Flemish Supercomputer Centre (VSC) ...

Staff members:

Head of division and contact: Bart Vanhoorne

Staff members