4 March, 2022

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https://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/graduation_16x16.gifPeer reviewed https://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngOpen Access


OPEN MARINE ARCHIVE (OMA): the open repository of publications by Flemish/Belgian scientists.

https://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/graduation_16x16.gifhttps://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.png(1989). BEASAC - A survey hovercraft for observing the beaches and offshore areas near the Belgian coast. Int. Hydrogr. Rev. 66(1): 53-60, more

https://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.png(2019). Mijlpaal in de uitbreiding van het Zwin: Internationale dijk verdwijnt; 120 ha extra Zwin in de plaats. Provincie West-Vlaanderen: Brugge. 6 pp, more

https://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/graduation_16x16.gifhttps://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngAmadei Martínez, L. et al. (2022). Corrigendum to "LifeWatch observatory data: phytoplankton observations in the Belgian Part of the North Sea". Biodiversity Data Journal 10: e81208. https://dx.doi.org/10.3897/bdj.10.e81208, more

https://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/graduation_16x16.gifhttps://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngFang, X. et al. (2021). Hindcasting ecosystem functioning change in an anthropogenized estuary: Implications for an era of global change. Front. Mar. Sci. 8: 747883. https://dx.doi.org/10.3389/fmars.2021.747833, more

https://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/graduation_16x16.gifhttps://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngSchaafsma, F.L. et al. (2022). Allometric relationships of ecologically important Antarctic and Arctic zooplankton and fish species. Polar Biol. 45(2): 203-224. https://dx.doi.org/10.1007/s00300-021-02984-4, more

https://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/graduation_16x16.gifhttps://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngSulpis, O. et al. (2022). Aragonite dissolution protects calcite at the seafloor. Nature Comm. 13(1): 1104. https://dx.doi.org/10.1038/s41467-022-28711-z, more


Dauwe, S.; Verleye, T.; Pirlet, H.; Martens, C.; Sandra, M.; De Raedemaecker, F.; Devriese, L.; Lescrauwaet, A.-K.; Depoorter, M.; Moulaert, I.; Mees, J. (Ed.) (2022). Kennisgids Gebruik Kust en Zee 2022 - Compendium voor Kust en Zee. Vlaams Instituut voor de Zee (VLIZ): Oostende. ISBN 9789464206128. 275 pp. https://dx.doi.org/10.48470/20, more

https://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngCoudenys, H. et al. (2022). Sociale en economische omgeving, more

https://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngDegraer, S. et al. (2022). Natuur en milieu, more

https://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngDelbare, D. et al. (2022). Mariene aquacultuur, more

https://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngGoethals, A. et al. (2022). Energie (inclusief kabels en leidingen), more

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https://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngPieters, M. et al. (2022). Maritiem en kustgebonden erfgoed, more

https://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngPlancke, Y. et al. (2022). Schelde-estuarium, more

https://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngPolet, H. et al. (2022). Visserij, more

https://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngScheerlinck, G. et al. (2022). Militair gebruik, more

https://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngVan Bogaert, T. et al. (2022). Landbouw, more

https://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngVan den Eynde, D. et al. (2022). Baggeren en storten, more

https://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngVan Lancker, V. et al. (2022). Zand- en grindwinning, more

https://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngVandaele, D. et al. (2022). Toerisme en recreatie, more

https://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngVerwaest, T. et al. (2022). Veiligheid tegen overstromingen, more

Dauwe, S.; Verleye, T.; Pirlet, H.; Martens, C.; Sandra, M.; De Raedemaecker, F.; Devriese, L; Lescrauwaet, A.-K.; Depoorter, M.; Moulaert, I.; Mees, J. (Ed.) (2022). Knowledge Guide Coast and Sea 2022 - Compendium for Coast and Sea. Flanders Marine Institute (VLIZ): Ostend. 267 pp. https://dx.doi.org/10.48470/25, more

https://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngCoudenys, H. et al. (2022). Social and economic environment, more

https://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngDegraer, S. et al. (2022). Nature and environment, more

https://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngDelbare, D. et al. (2022). Marine aquaculture, more

https://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngGoethals, A. et al. (2022). Energy (including cables and pipes), more

https://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngLescrauwaet, A.-K. et al. (2022). Integrated maritime policy, more

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https://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngMartens, C. et al. (2022). Blue economy and innovation, more

https://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngPieters, M. et al. (2022). Maritime and coastal heritage, more

https://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngPlancke, Y. et al. (2022). Scheldt estuary, more

https://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngPolet, H. et al. (2022). Fisheries, more

https://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngScheerlinck, G. et al. (2022). Military use, more

https://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngVan Bogaert, T. et al. (2022). Agriculture, more

https://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngVan den Eynde, D. et al. (2022). Dredging and dumping, more

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https://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngVandaele, D. et al. (2022). Tourism and recreation, more

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https://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngFockedey, N. (2022). Het akoestisch karakter van een onderwaterhabitat, more

Mees, J.; Seys, J. (Ed.) (2022). Book of abstracts – VLIZ Marine Science Day, Online event 2 March 2022. VLIZ Special Publication, 88. Vlaams Instituut voor de Zee - Flanders Marine Institute (VLIZ): Oostende. v, 91 pp. https://dx.doi.org/10.48470/24, more

https://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngAerts, D. et al. (2022). Phylogeography and cryptic diversity of Charcotia amphipods in the Southern Ocean, more

https://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngAertsens, T. (2022). Creating a numerical twin for the brand new physical Coastal & Ocean Basin in Ostend, a waste of effort?, more

https://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngAlbers, S. et al. (2022). Hydroacoustic imaging of underwater gas seepage: investigating the use of echosounders for fluid discharge detection in a nearby natural laboratory (Laacher See, Germany), more

https://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngAnglada Segura, S. et al. (2022). Impact of global warming and plastic leachates from conventional and bio-based polymers on the growth of Phaeodactylum tricornutum, more

https://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngAyitey, S. et al. (2022). Physico-chemical parameters and bacteria as indicators of sewage pollution in Negombo lagoon, Sri Lanka, more

https://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngBarbosa, J.; Janssen, C.R.; Asselman, J. (2022). Cytotoxicity of sea-dumped chemical munitions in rainbow trout gill (RTgill-W1) and human colon adenocarcinoma (Caco2) cells, more

https://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngBeerlandt, J.; Rauwoens, P. (2022). Polder2c’s living lab: Toolbox for a better future of levee management, more

https://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngBilsen, A. (2022). Intercepting invaders: metabarcoding for monitoring non-indigenous species in a North Sea harbour, more

https://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngBilsen, A. et al. (2022). Time and cost efficient DNA-based monitoring of marine non-indigenous species in the harbour of Ostend (Belgium) using nanopore sequencing, more

https://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngBoes, E. et al. (2022). Shallow gas at the Paardenmarkt WWI munition dumpsite, more

https://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngBouguerche, C.; Ahmed, M.; Holovachov, O. (2022). Integrative taxonomy of some digenean Platyhelminthes, parasites of marine fishes of Sweden, more

https://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngBouguerche, C.; Justine, J.-L.; Tazerouti, F. (2022). A parasitic Platyhelminthe Flexophora ophidii Prost & Euzet, 1962 (Monogenea: Diclidophoridae): 58 years later, more

https://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngBuyse, J. et al. (2022). Effects of offshore wind farms on the distribution, diet and condition of plaice Pleuronectes platessa in the Belgian part of the North Sea, more

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https://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngHooyberg, A. (2022). The NeXus-10 MKII for holistic insights in the physiological drivers behind mental health restoration from virtual coastal landscapes, more

https://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngHooyberg, A. et al. (2022). Finding psychological restoration along the Belgian coast: spatial variation and the influence of the environment’s physical constituents, more

https://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngKahawe Palliya Guruge, K.P.G. et al. (2022). Environmental change and trophic ecology explain different THg bioaccumulation in two subpopulations of the Arctic ringed seal Pusa hispida, more

https://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngKeirsebelik, H.; Verhelst, P.; Schoelynck, J. (2022). Tracking the downstream migration of an aquatic invader: preliminary results on the spatio-temporal movement behaviour of the Chinese mitten crab in the Scheldt Estuary, Belgium, more

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bioRxiv: the preprint server for biology

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