23 July, 2021

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http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/graduation_16x16.gifPeer reviewed http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngOpen Access


OPEN MARINE ARCHIVE (OMA): the open repository of publications by Flemish/Belgian scientists.

Claessens, M. (2020). An exploration of the southern North Sea: investigating the spatiotemporal distribution of demersal fish species using scientific beam trawl surveys. MSc Thesis. Ghent University, Biology Department, Marine Biology Research Group/ILVO: Ghent. 36 pp, more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/graduation_16x16.gifhttp://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngDe Rijcke, M. et al. (2021). Environmental stability of porcine respiratory coronavirus in aquatic environments. PLoS One 16(7): e0254540. https://dx.doi.org/10.1371/journal.pone.0254540, more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngSmaal, A.C.; Craeymeersch, J.A.; van Stralen, M.R. (2021). The impact of mussel seed fishery on the dynamics of wild subtidal mussel beds in the western Wadden Sea, The Netherlands, more



http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/graduation_16x16.gifAalborg Academy Journal of Pure Sciences

Mhaisen, F.T. (2020). Checklists of blood parasites of fishes of Iraq, more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/graduation_16x16.gifAnnual Review of Marine Science

Rudnick, D.L. (2016). Ocean research enabled by underwater gliders, more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/graduation_16x16.gifAquaculture Environment Interactions

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngGray, M. et al. (2021). Ecolabels can improve public perception and farm profits for shellfish aquaculture, more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/graduation_16x16.gifAquaculture International

Osei, I.K.; Yankson, K.; Obodai, E.A. (2021). Effect of sedentary biofoulers on the growth and survival of cultured oysters (Crassostrea tulipa) towards its mass culture in the Densu Delta, Ghana, more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/graduation_16x16.gifAquaculture Research

Barría, C. et al. (2021). Broodstock conditioning, spawning, embryonic and early larval development of a novel baby clam species for aquaculture in the southeast Pacific: Tawera elliptica (Lamarck, 1818), more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/graduation_16x16.gifAquatic Botany

Chalini, K. et al. (2021). Optimization of DNA isolation and amplification protocol for Gracilaria and Sargassum species of Tamil Nadu coast, more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/graduation_16x16.gifAquatic Living Resources = Ressources vivantes aquatiques

Mahbub Alam, M.M.; Pálsson, S. (2021). Genetic variation of Parapenaeopsis sculptilis (Decapoda, Penaeidae) and reassessment of the phylogenetic relationships within the genus Parapenaeopsis based on mitochondrial DNA variation, more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/graduation_16x16.gifBioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry

Yang, W.-S. et al. (2021). A new sulfated triterpene glycoside from the sea cucumber Colochirus quadrangularis, and evaluation of its antifungal, antitumor and immunomodulatory activities, more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/graduation_16x16.gifContinental Shelf Research

Pandiya rajan, R.S. et al. (2021). Macrobenthos community response to the seasonal hypoxia associated with coastal upwelling off Kochi, along the Southwest coast of India, more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/graduation_16x16.gifCoral Reefs

Lee, Y. et al. (2021). Composition and structure of tropical intertidal hard coral communities on natural and man-made habitats, more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/graduation_16x16.gifDeep-Sea Research, Part I. Oceanographic Research Papers

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngDiaz-Recio Lorenzo, C. et al. (2021). Copepod assemblages along a hydrothermal stress gradient at diffuse flow habitats within the ABE vent site (Eastern Lau Spreading Center, Southwest Pacific), more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/graduation_16x16.gifEarth Surface Processes and Landforms: the Journal of the British Geomorphological Research Group

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngBrückner, M.Z.M. et al. (2021). Benthic species as mud patrol modelled effects of bioturbators and biofilms on largescale estuarine mud and morphology, more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/graduation_16x16.gifEarth System Science Data

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngChutcharavan, P.M.; Dutton, A. (2021). A global compilation of U-series-dated fossil coral sea-level indicators for the Last Interglacial period (Marine Isotope Stage 5e), more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/graduation_16x16.gifEcological Applications

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngFivash, G.S. et al. (2021). Restoration of biogeomorphic systems by creating windows of opportunity to support natural establishment processes, more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/graduation_16x16.gifEnvironment International

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngSimonnet-Laprade, C. et al. (2021). Data analysis strategies for the characterization of chemical contaminant mixtures. Fish as a case study, more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/graduation_16x16.gifEnvironmental Microbiology

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngSuominen, S. et al. (2021). A diverse uncultivated microbial community is responsible for organic matter degradation in the Black Sea sulphidic zone, more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngSuominen, S. et al. (2021). Microbial community development on model particles in the deep sulfidic waters of the Black Sea, more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngvan Vliet, D.M. et al. (2020). The bacterial sulfur cycle in expanding dysoxic and euxinic marine waters, more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/graduation_16x16.gifEnvironmental Pollution

Birarda, G. et al. (2021). Plastics, (bio)polymers and their apparent biogeochemical cycle: an infrared spectroscopy study on foraminifera, more

Essid, N. et al. (2021). Toxicity of synthetic Endocrine Disrupting Compounds on meiofauna: estradiol benzoate as a case study, more

Hedfi, A. et al. (2021). Nematode traits after separate and simultaneous exposure to Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (anthracene, pyrene and benzo[a]pyrene) in closed and open microcosms, more

Nasri, A. et al. (2021). Ecotoxicity of polybrominated diphenyl ether (BDE-47) on a meiobenthic community with special emphasis on nematodes: taxonomic and trophic diversity assessment, more

Zhao, Z. et al. (2021). Contrasting the assembly of phytoplankton and zooplankton communities in a polluted semi-closed sea: effects of marine compartments and environmental selection, more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/graduation_16x16.gifEstuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science

Fernández-Romero, A. et al. (2021). To the Mediterranean and beyond: an integrative approach to evaluate the spreading of Branchiomma luctuosum (Annelida: Sabellidae), more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/graduation_16x16.gifEuropean Journal of Taxonomy

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngGale, A.S.; Jagt, J.W.M. (2021). The fossil record of the family Benthopectinidae (Echinodermata, Asteroidea), a reappraisal, more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/graduation_16x16.gifFish and Fisheries

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngRogan, E.; Read, A.J.; Berggren, P. (2021). Empty promises: The European Union is failing to protect dolphins and porpoises from fisheries bycatch, more

Fishery Board for Scotland. Scientific Investigations

Clark, R.S. (1926). Rays and skates: a revision of the European species, more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/graduation_16x16.gifFood Control

Benitez, K.C.D. et al. (2021). Concentrations, seasonality, and risk assessment of cadmium in scallop, Bractechlamys vexillum (Reeve 1853) in the Visayan Sea, Philippines, more

Brenn, C. et al. (2021). A multiplex real-time PCR screening assay for routine species identification of four commercially relevant crustaceans, more

Velez-Zuazo, X. et al. (2021). High incidence of mislabeling and a hint of fraud in the ceviche and sushi business, more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/graduation_16x16.gifFrontiers in Earth Science

Emery, A.R. et al. (2019). Left high and dry: deglaciation of Dogger Bank, North Sea, recorded in proglacial lake evolution, more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/graduation_16x16.gifFrontiers in Marine Science

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngSerpetti, N. et al. (2021). Modeling small scale impacts of multi-purpose platforms: an ecosystem approach, more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/graduation_16x16.gifFungal Diversity

Devadatha, B. et al. (2021). Occurrence and geographical distribution of mangrove fungi, more


Gonçalves, L.T. et al. (2021). Barcoding a can of worms: testing cox1 performance as a DNA barcode of Nematoda, more

Geomare Zoológica

Tovar-Hernández, M.A.; de León-González, J.A.; García-Garza, M.E. (2021). On some poorly known bryozoans (Ectoprocta) from Mazatlán, southern Gulf of California, Mexico, more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/graduation_16x16.gifGlobal Ecology and Biogeography

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngRaja, N.B. et al. (2021). Morphological traits of reef corals predict extinction risk but not conservation status, more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/graduation_16x16.gifGlobal Ecology and Conservation

Ruppert, K.M.; Kline, R.J.; Rahman, Md.S. (2019). Past, present, and future perspectives of environmental DNA (eDNA) metabarcoding: A systematic review in methods, monitoring, and applications of global eDNA, more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/graduation_16x16.gifHarmful Algae

Baldrich, A.M. et al. (2021). Niche differentiation of Dinophysis acuta and D. acuminata in a stratified fjord, more

Hengelsport: Magazine van Sportvisserij Vlaanderen

Gerlach, G. (2017). Loodvervangers, more


Leruste, A. et al. (2021). Impact of nutrient availability on the trophic strategies of the planktonic protist communities in a disturbed Mediterranean coastal lagoon, more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/graduation_16x16.gifInvertebrate biology

Collin, R. et al. (2021). Knots, spoons, and cloches: DNA barcoding unusual larval forms helps document the diversity of Neotropical marine annelids, more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/graduation_16x16.gifInvertebrate Systematics

Poliseno, A. et al. (2021). An integrated morphological–molecular approach reveals new insights on the systematics of the octocoral Telestula humilis (Thomson, 1927) (Octocorallia: Alcyonacea: Clavulariidae), more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/graduation_16x16.gifJournal of Applied Ecology

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngMarin-Diaz, B. et al. (2021). How grazing management can maximize erosion resistance of salt marshes, more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/graduation_16x16.gifJournal of Conchology

Jardim, J.A.; Almeida, S.M. (2021). Stenoplax iansa sp. nov. from Brazil (Polyplacophora, Chitonoidea), more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/graduation_16x16.gifJournal of Environmental Management

Guerra-García, J.M. et al. (2021). Ecological quality assessement of marinas: an integrative approach combining biological and environmental data, more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/graduation_16x16.gifJournal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology

Bennice, C.O.; Brooks, W.R.; Hanlon, R.T. (2021). Behavioral dynamics provide insight into resource exploitation and habitat coexistence of two octopus species in a shallow Florida lagoon, more

Kasumyan, A.; Isaeva, O.; Zvonareva, S. (2021). Coloration type of two allied cowries (Ovulidae: Gastropoda) tested through palatability evaluation in feeding experiments with fish, more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/graduation_16x16.gifJournal of Ichthyology

Klimova, T.N. et al. (2021). Distribution of ichthyoplankton in relation to specifics of hydrological regime off the Crimean coast (the Black Sea) in the spring–summer season 2017, more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/graduation_16x16.gifJournal of Natural Products

Bosse, G.D. et al. (2021). Discovery of a potent conorfamide from Conus episcopatus using a novel zebrafish larvae assay, more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/graduation_16x16.gifJournal of Paleontology

Novack-Gottshall, P.M.; Plotnick, R.E. (2021). Correcting a 135-year error: Limulidae Leach, 1819 (Chelicerata, Xiphosura) is the proper authority, not Limulidae Zittel, 1885, more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/graduation_16x16.gifJournal of Sea Research

Marelli, D.C. (2021). Incorrect identification of invasive Indo-Pacific member of the bivalve genus Mytilopsis can affect construction of molecular phylogenies, more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/graduation_16x16.gifJournal of South American Earth Sciences

Sanfilippo, R. et al. (2021). An investigation of vermetid reefs from the Miocene of Peru, with the description of a new species, more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/graduation_16x16.gifJournal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom

Dixit, S.; Manjebrayakath, H.; Saravanane, N. (2021). Two new Pseudoceros (Platyhelminthes: Polycladida: Pseudocerotidae) from Agatti Island, India and a species checklist from Indian waters, more

Lu, Y.; Zhao, L.; Huang, Y. (2021). Descriptions of Deontolaimus holovachovi sp. nov. and Campylaimus zhoui sp. nov. from Chinese sea areas, more

Silva-Segundo, C.A. et al. (2021). DNA barcoding and taxonomic validation of Caranx spp. larvae, more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/graduation_16x16.gifMarine and Freshwater Research

Selva Bharath, M. et al. (2021). Observations of brown band disease in the Gulf of Mannar, India, more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/graduation_16x16.gifMarine Environmental Research

Ibabe, A. et al. (2021). Building on gAMBI in ports for a challenging biological invasions scenario: Blue-gNIS as a proof of concept, more

Mancuso, F.P. et al. (2021). The invasive Asparagopsis taxiformis hosts a low diverse and less trophic structured molluscan assemblage compared with the native Ericaria brachycarpa, more

Pelletier, M.C. et al. (2021). Benthic macroinvertebrate community response to environmental changes over seven decades in an urbanized estuary in the northeastern United States, more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/graduation_16x16.gifMarine Micropaleontology

Avnaim-Katav, S. et al. (2021). Benthic foraminifera from the Southeastern Mediterranean shelf: dead assemblages and living-dead comparisons recording consequences of Nile River damming, more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/graduation_16x16.gifMarine Policy

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngSchutter, M.S. et al. (2021). The blue economy as a boundary object for hegemony across scales, more

Sliškovic, M. et al. (2021). Non-indigenous species likely introduced by shipping into the Adriatic Sea, more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/graduation_16x16.gifMarine Pollution Bulletin

Ardura, A. et al. (2021). Ship-driven biopollution: how aliens transform the local ecosystem diversity in Pacific islands, more

Ardura, A. et al. (2021). Poorer diversity but tougher species in old ballast water: biosecurity challenges explored from visual and molecular techniques, more

Ben Ali, M. et al. (2021). Toxicity of hydroxychloroquine, a potential treatment for COVID-19, on free-living marine nematodes, more

Bolam, S.G.; McIlwaine, P.; Garcia, C. (2021). Marine macrofaunal traits responses to dredged material disposal, more

Bouchet, V.M.P. et al. (2021). Indicative value of benthic foraminifera for biomonitoring: assignment to ecological groups of sensitivity to total organic carbon of species from European intertidal areas and transitional waters, more

De-la-Torre, G.E. et al. (2021). Marine macroinvertebrates inhabiting plastic litter in Peru, more

Dong, J.-Y. et al. (2021). Response of macrobenthic communities to heavy metal pollution in Laoshan Bay, China: a trait-based method, more

Donnici, S. et al. (2021). Utilizing benthic foraminifera to explore the environmental condition of the Laizhou Bay (Bohai Sea, China), more

Fu, S. et al. (2021). Comparison of benthic nematode assemblages in native mangrove forest and exotic mangrove plantations (Sonneratia apetala Buch-Ham) along the South China Coast, more

Georges, O. et al. (2021). DNA metabarcoding illustrates biological pollution threats of Red Sea - Dead Sea water conveyance to Dead Sea biodiversity, more

Kang, T.; Kim, D. (2021). Meiofauna and nematode community composition in a hydrothermal vent and deep-sea sediments in the Central Indian Ridge, more

Shaikh, S.M.S. et al. (2021). Impact of port and harbour activities on plankton distribution and dynamics: a multivariate approach, more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/graduation_16x16.gifMaritime Economics & Logistics

Veenstra, A.; Harmelink, R. (2021). On the quality of ship arrival predictions, more


http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngZhang, Z.-Q. (2021). All genera of the world: an introduction to the inventory, more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/graduation_16x16.gifMolecular Ecology

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngVan der Loos, L.; Nijland, R. (2021). Biases in bulk: DNA metabarcoding of marine communities and the methodology involved, more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/graduation_16x16.gifMolluscan Research

Willan, R.C. et al. (2021). Detection and identification of the large, exotic, crassostreine oyster Magallana bilineata (Röding, 1798) in northern Queensland, Australia, more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/graduation_16x16.gifNature Climate Change

Mudryk, L.R. et al. (2021). Impact of 1, 2 and 4°C of global warming on ship navigation in the Canadian Arctic, more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/graduation_16x16.gifNature Communications

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngHohermuth, B. et al. (2021). Velocity bias in intrusive gas-liquid flow measurements, more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngHolzer, M.; DeVries, T.; de Lavergne, C. (2021). Diffusion controls the ventilation of a Pacific Shadow Zone above abyssal overturning, more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngMinowa, M. et al. (2021). Thermohaline structure and circulation beneath the Langhovde Glacier ice shelf in East Antarctica, more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngPierella Karlusich, J.J. et al. (2021). Global distribution patterns of marine nitrogen-fixers by imaging and molecular methods, more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngQi, Y. et al. (2021). Reply to: “Questions remain about the biolability of dissolved black carbon along the combustion continuum”, more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngWagner, S. et al. (2021). Questions remain about the biolability of dissolved black carbon along the combustion continuum, more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/graduation_16x16.gifNature: International Weekly Journal of Science

Denning, S. (2021). Southeast Amazonia is no longer a carbon sink, more

Falcucci, G. et al. (2021). Extreme flow simulations reveal skeletal adaptations of deep-sea sponges, more

Gatti, L.V. et al. (2021). Amazonia as a carbon source linked to deforestation and climate change, more

Kalderon-Asael, B. et al. (2021). A lithium-isotope perspective on the evolution of carbon and silicon cycles, more

Miller, L.A. (2021). Fluid flow through Venus’s flower basket, more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/graduation_16x16.gifOcean Science Journal

Kwon, Y.M. et al. (2021). Marine-derived fungi in Korea, more

Seo, Y. et al. (2021). Genetic structure and diversity of the moon jellyfish Aurelia coerulea polyp population in Jaran Bay, Korea, revealed by mitochondrial COI and 16S rRNA genes, more


Bhattacherjee, M. et al. (2021). Molluscan live-dead fidelity of a storm-dominated shallow-marine setting and its implications, more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/graduation_16x16.gifPaleontological Research

Kodama, S. et al. (2021). Carbon and oxygen isotope records of Tridacna squamosa shells from two different latitudes in the Ryukyu Islands, more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/graduation_16x16.gifParasitology International

Shamsi, S.; Steller, E.; Zhu, X. (2021). The occurrence and clinical importance of infectious stage of Echinocephalus (Nematoda: Gnathostomidae) larvae in selected Australian edible fish, more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/graduation_16x16.gifPhilosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series B, Biological sciences

Davison, A.; Neiman, M. (2021). Mobilizing molluscan models and genomes in biology, more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/graduation_16x16.gifProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngPalmer, T.; Stevens, B. (2019). The scientific challenge of understanding and estimating climate change, more

Weber, S.B. et al. (2021). Direct evidence of a prey depletion “halo” surrounding a pelagic predator colony, more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/graduation_16x16.gifProceedings of the Zoological Society of London

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngPhilippi, R.A. (1846). Descriptions of a new species of Trochus, and of eighteen new species of Littorina, in the collection of H. Cuming, Esq, more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/graduation_16x16.gifRapid Prototyping Journal

Matus, I.V. et al. (2021). Effect of 3D printer enabled surface morphology and composition on coral growth in artificial reefs, more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/graduation_16x16.gifRegional Studies in Marine Science

Ali, S.N.; Ayub, Z. (2021). Growth and reproduction of Megabalanus tintinnabulum (Crustacea: Cirripedia) in coastal waters of Pakistan, North Arabian Sea, more

Athukoorala, A.A.S.H. et al. (2021). Regional variation in fish species on the continental shelf of Sri Lanka, more

de Villiers, N.M. et al. (2021). A comparison of the fauna in eelgrass and erosion control structures in a warm temperate Southern African estuary, more

Felício, M. et al. (2021). Spatial patterns of demersal communities from bottom trawl on the Portuguese North Coast (continental shelf), more

Laxmilatha, P. et al. (2021). A new species of cone snail, Conus laccadivensis sp. nov.: (Gastropoda: Conidae) from the islands of Lakshadweep Archipelago, more

Salcioglu, A. et al. (2021). Molecular characterization and phylogeography of Mediterranean picarels (Spicara flexuosa, S. maena and S. smaris) along the coasts of Turkey and the Eastern Mediterranean, more

Sandonnini, J. et al. (2021). The emergent fouling population after severe eutrophication in the Mar Menor coastal lagoon, more

Sergeeva, N.G.; Ürkmez, D.; Revkova, T.N. (2021). Meiobenthic nematodes at the deep oxic/anoxic boundary of the Black Sea (Istanbul Strait Outlet Area) with new records for Turkey, more

Wang, Z. et al. (2021). How do trophic magnification factors (TMFs) and biomagnification factors (BMFs) perform on toxic pollutant bioaccumulation estimation in coastal and marine food webs, more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/graduation_16x16.gifScience Advances

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngBaker, A.R. et al. (2021). Changing atmospheric acidity as a modulator of nutrient deposition and ocean biogeochemistry, more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngCavalazzi, B. et al. (2021). Cellular remains in a ~3.42-billion-year-old subseafloor hydrothermal environment, more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngRai, S. et al. (2021). Scale of oceanic eddy killing by wind from global satellite observations, more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngSperling, E.A. et al. (2021). A long-term record of early to mid-Paleozoic marine redox change, more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngVan Houtan, K.S. et al. (2021). The geographic disparity of historical greenhouse emissions and projected climate change, more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/graduation_16x16.gifScience of the Total Environment

Abdulbur-Alfakhoury, E. et al. (2021). Distribution of platinum (Pt), palladium (Pd), and rhodium (Rh) in urban tributaries of the Scheldt River assessed by diffusive gradients in thin films technique (DGT), more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/graduation_16x16.gifScientific Reports (Nature Publishing Group)

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngBamunawala, J. et al. (2021). Twenty-first-century projections of shoreline change along inlet-interrupted coastlines, more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngEntrambasaguas, L. et al. (2021). Gene body DNA methylation in seagrasses: inter- and intraspecific differences and interaction with transcriptome plasticity under heat stress, more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngHimaya, S.W.A. et al. (2021). Venom duct origins of prey capture and defensive conotoxins in piscivorous Conus striatus, more

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