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Marine Biology Research. Oslo, Norway: Taylor & Francis. ISSN 1745-1000. Vol. 1(1-2) 2005



(for details on articles in these issues: see paragraph 'Articles & papers')

Aquatic Toxicology. Amsterdam, The Netherlands: Elsevier Science. ISSN 0166-445X. Vol. 72(4) 2005 (holdings, look here)

Gloria Maris: Journal of the Belgian Society for Conchyliology. Aarschot, Belgium: Belgische Vereniging voor Conchyliologie. ISSN 0778-4767. Vol. 44(1-2) 2005 (holdings, look here)

Neptunea. De Haan, Belgium: Belgische Vereniging voor Conchyliologie, Afdeling Kust. Vol. 4(3) 2005 (holdings, look here)

Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society. London, UK : Academic Press. ISSN 0024-4082. Vol. 144(1) 2005 (holdings, look here)



(for details on articles in these issues: see paragraph 'Articles & papers')

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Aquatic Toxicology [Aquat. Toxicol.]

(marine science related articles in issues received, selection by editor)

vol. 72(4) 2005

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Gloria Maris

vol. 44(1-2) 2005

Rolán, E. (2005) . A new species of Mareleptopoma (Mollusca, Pickworthiidae) from the Cape Verde archipelago. Gloria Maris 44(1-2): 1-9, details

Vos, C. (2005) . A new species of Tonna Brünnich, 1772 (Gastropoda: Tonnidae) from South-African waters. Gloria Maris 44(1-2): 10-17, photos, details

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Verbinnen, G. (2005) . Red Sea Mollusca: part 20. Class: Gastropoda. Corrections on the Red Sea Mollusca published in Gloria Maris. Gloria Maris 44(1-2): 27-37, plates, details


Marine Biology Research

vol. 1(1) 2005

Fredriksen, S. ; Christie, H.; Saethre, B.A. (2005) . Species richness in macroalgae and macrofauna assemblages on Fucus serratus L. (Phaeophyceae) and Zostera marina L. (Angiospermae) in Skagerrak, Norway. Marine Biology Research 1(1): 2-19, details

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vol. 1(2) 2005

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vol. 3(4) 2004

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