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Guidance Committee

The Guidance Committee is convened annually for a plenary meeting open to a wide group of marine experts to present current topics and discuss important new and planned activities.

Since 2011 the Guidance Committee has held one plenary meeting in Ostend a year open to all marine scientists (independent academic staff, postgraduates and executives). All members (both effective and substitute) of the Scientific Board attend this open meeting as well.

The agenda of the Guidance Committee meetings includes at least the following:

  • the VLIZ activity report of the previous year
  • an overview of important new and planned VLIZ activities
  • presentations regarding some current topics

The minutes, informative annexes and presentations are publicly available on the VLIZ website.

Guidance Committee meeting in 2019

On Friday afternoon, 6 December 2019, the next meeting of the Guidance Committee will take place at VLIZ (Wandelaarkaai 7, 8400 Oostende - entrance warehouse 61). In addition to an overview of our activities, we plan to have an interactive meeting to list up the strengths of the Flemish marine research community within the frame of the report for the UN Ocean Decade. More information about the program and how to register will follow soon.