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VLIZ Marine Science Day 2017

The VLIZ Marine Science Day has become an established event for all marine and coastal scientists in Flanders/Belgium and its neighbouring regions. Dating back to its predecessor the 'IZWO Contact Days', this event has evolved since 2000 into an annual interdisciplinary and informative forum. More than 300 marine and coastal experts from all disciplines come to this event to share knowledge from lectures, posters, demonstrations and interactive sessions. Not to be missed on 3 March 2017 in Bruges!


The VLIZ Marine Science Day 2017 will again – for the 17th time – highlight the diversity, quality and relevance of marine and coastal sciences in Flanders with a selection of oral pitch presentations. In the afternoon, an extensive poster session, demo sessions and the events ‘Meet the Company’ and ‘Speed date networking’ are programmed.

We hope to stimulate all scientists to present their research in an exciting way and to communicate this fascinating science – and its importance to society – to a wider and multidisciplinary public of marine scientists!

We challenge all marine and coastal scientists to submit an English abstract by 15 January 2017. You can apply for either an oral presentation or a demo session. Companies can register to present their organisation in the ‘Meet the Company’ event.

Read more on: www.vliz.be/vmsd/en/call-abstracts