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  • Fifty-fold increase of microplastics in the ocean by 2100

  • How to inventory the names of all species on Earth

  • VLIZ-ROV Genesis operates in Spanish waters

  • European Marine Board calls for more coherent biological ocean observations in Europe

  • 4DEMON project combines data Belgian part of the North Sea over the past four decades

  • The VLIZ annual report: 2017 in a nutshell

  • 20 years support by Flanders for sustainable ocean projects worldwide

  • Your opinion counts: help us to improve the Compendium for Coast and Sea 2018

  • Prof. Dr. Carlos Duarte receives the first Carlo Heip Award for biodiversity research

  • Blue Accelator test platform near Oostende, Belgium as test lab for new developments in blue energy


About VLIZ

About VLIZ

The Flanders Marine Institute (VLIZ) is a centre for marine and coastal research. As a partner in various projects and networks it promotes and supports the international image of Flemish marine scientific research and international marine education.

In its capacity as a coordination and information platform, the Flanders Marine Institute (VLIZ) supports some thousand marine scientists in Flanders by disseminating their knowledge to policymakers, educators, the general public and scientists.

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