5 March, 2021

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OPEN MARINE ARCHIVE (OMA): the open repository of publications by Flemish/Belgian scientists.

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.png(2021). Berichten aan zeevarenden 2021(1). Agentschap Maritieme Dienstverlening en Kust. Vlaamse Hydrografie: Oostende. 1-227 pp, more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.png(2021). Gearing up our blue knowledge - Tackling ocean challenges in the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development 2021-2030. D/2021/3241/054. Flanders Department Economy, Science and Innovation (EWI)/Flanders Marine Institute - Vlaams Instituut voor de Zee vzw/Flanders' Blue Cluster - De Blauwe Cluster vzw: Brussels. 43 pp, more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/graduation_16x16.gifhttp://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngCollareta, A. et al. (2021). Remarkable multicuspid teeth in a new elusive skate (Chondrichthyes, Rajiformes) from the Mediterranean Pliocene. Paläontol. Z. Online First. https://hdl.handle.net/10.1007/s12542-020-00542-7, more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngDerycke, S. et al. (2021). To blend or not to blend? The role of morphological traits for the detection of marine macrobenthos in bulk DNA and eDNA from the ethanol preservative. ARPHA Conference Abstracts 4: e65127. https://hdl.handle.net/10.3897/aca.4.e65127, more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngMaes, S. (2021). Microbiome and diet turnover as indicator of rapid environmental change in the Arctic Ocean. Extended abstract - Brilliant Marine Research Idea 2020. KU Leuven: Leuven. 2 pp, more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/graduation_16x16.gifhttp://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngTerhaar, J. et al. (2021). Around one third of current Arctic Ocean primary production sustained by rivers and coastal erosion. Nature Comm. 12(1): 169. https://hdl.handle.net/10.1038/s41467-020-20470-z, more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngTeunkens, B. (2021). Tracking marked plastic items on their journey through the Scheldt estuary, using the Permanent Belgian Acoustic Receiver Network (PBARN). Final Report: Brilliant Marine Research Idea 2020. University of Antwerp: Antwerp. 5 pp, more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngVanheste, T. (2021). We moeten afscheid nemen van de natuurlijke Noordzee. De Lage Landen: Context bij Cultuur in Vlaanderen en Nederland 64(1): 34-41, more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngVerbeiren, M. (2021). Waterkwaliteit en visbestand in de Nete, de Grote Nete en de Kleine Nete anno 2021. Published by the author(s): Wolvertem-Meise. 4 pp, more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngVerbeiren, M. (2021). Waterkwaliteit en visbestand in de rivier de Motte anno 2021. Published by the author(s): Wolvertem-Meise. 4 pp, more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngVerbeiren, M. (2021). Waterkwaliteit en visbestand in de rivier de Mark anno 2021. Published by the author(s): Wolvertem-Meise. 3 pp, more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngVerbeiren, M. (2021). Waterkwaliteit en visbestand in het kanaal Nieuwpoort-Duinkerke anno 2021. Published by the author(s): Wolvertem-Meise. 3 pp, more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngVerbeiren, M. (2021). Waterkwaliteit en visbestand in het kanaal Plassendale-Nieuwpoort anno 2021. Published by the author(s): Wolvertem-Meise. 3 pp, more



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http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngSeys, J. (2021). Legendarische oceaanexpedities met een 'Belgisch' tintje, more

Mees, J.; Seys, J. (Ed.) (2021). Book of abstracts – VLIZ Marine Science Day, Online event 3 March 2021. VLIZ Special Publication, 85. Vlaams Instituut voor de Zee - Flanders Marine Institute (VLIZ): Oostende. vi, 128 pp. https://hdl.handle.net/10.48470/1, more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngAmadei Martínez, L. et al. (2021). Effects of de-eutrophication and changes in turbidity on phytoplankton blooms in the freshwater and brackish tidal reaches of the Schelde estuary (Belgium), more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngAsante, F. et al. (2021). Assessing the regeneration status of the Ankobra mangrove system, Ghana, more

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http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/graduation_16x16.gifAnimal Behaviour

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Erfgoed van Industrie en Techniek

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