18 October, 2019

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http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/graduation_16x16.gifPeer reviewed http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngOpen Access


OPEN MARINE ARCHIVE (OMA): the open repository of publications by Flemish/Belgian scientists.

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.png(2018). Report of the Working Group on Ecosystem Effects of Fishing Activities (WGECO), 12–19 April 2018, San Pedro del Pinatar, Spain. CM Documents - ICES, CM 2018(ACOM: 27). International Council for the Exploration of the Sea: Copenhagen. 69 pp, more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.png(2019). Vlaamse Regering 2019-2024. Vlaamse Regering: Brussel. 303 pp, more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngDe Waegemaeker, J. (2019). SalFar framework on salinization processes. A comparison of salinization processes across the North Sea Region. ILVO: Oostende. [no pag.] pp, more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngICES (2018). Interim Report of the Benthos Ecology Working Group (BEWG), 14–18 May 2018, Banyuls-sur-mer, France. CM Documents - ICES, CM 2018(EPDSG:03). International Council for the Exploration of the Sea: Copenhagen. 29 pp, more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngICES (2018). Interim Report of the Working Group on the Effects of Extraction of Marine Sediments on the Marine Ecosystem (WGEXT), 16-19 April 2018, Copenhagen, Denmark. CM Documents - ICES, CM 2018(HAPISG:05). International Council for the Exploration of the Sea: Copenhagen. 49 pp, more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/graduation_16x16.gifhttp://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngModica, M.V. et al. (2019). Macroevolutionary analyses suggest environmental factors, not venom apparatus, play key role in Terebridae marine snail diversification. Syst. Biol. Manuscript. https://hdl.handle.net/10.1093/sysbio/syz059, more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngMolenaar, P. et al. (2019). Netinnovatie Kottervisserij II. IMARES Wageningen Report, C051/19. Wageningen Marine Research: IJmuiden. 160 pp. https://hdl.handle.net/10.18174/477744, more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngPecceu, E. et al. (2018). Introducing a voluntary assessment scheme enabling transition towards a more sustainable fishery. CM Documents - ICES, CM 2018(R:384). International Council for the Exploration of the Sea: Copenhagen. 3 pp, more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngVan Opstal, M. (2018). Onderwateropnames door het ILVO. Rederscentrale Augustus 2018: 18-19, more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngVermard, Y. et al. (2019). What is a target or a bycatch stock? CM Documents - ICES, CM 2019(P:597). International Council for the Exploration of the Sea: Copenhagen. , more


http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngDauwe, S. et al. (2019). Het KustINzicht 2019 - Compendium voor Kust en Zee. Vlaams Instituut voor de Zee (VLIZ): Oostende. ISBN 978-94-920437-8-8. 193 pp, more



http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/graduation_16x16.gifActa Crystallographica Section D-Structural Biology

Chayen, N.E. et al. (2003). Unravelling the structural chemistry of the colouration mechanism in lobster shell, more

Chayen, N.E. et al. (2000). Apocrustacyanin A1 from the lobster carotenoprotein α-crustacyanin: crystallization and initial X-ray analysis involving softer X-rays, more

Cianci, M. et al. (2001). Structure of lobster apocrustacyanin A1using softer X-rays, more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/graduation_16x16.gifActa Crystallographica Section F-Structural Biology Communications

Ferrari, M. et al. (2012). Structural characterization of recombinant crustacyanin subunits from the lobster Homarus americanus, more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/graduation_16x16.gifAnnals and Magazine of Natural History

Gordon, I. (1957). A pseudo-hermaphrodite specimen of the lobster, Homarus gammarus (Linnaeus), more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/graduation_16x16.gifAnnals of Internal Medicine

Wright, S.; Mudway, I. (2019). The ins and outs of microplastics, more

Bodem (Alphen aan den Rijn)

De Waegemaeker, J.; Ampe, C. (2019). Verzilting aan de kust, more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/graduation_16x16.gifCanadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences = Journal canadien des sciences halieutiques et aquatiques

Rosenberg; Ludyanskiy (1994). A nomenclatural review of Dreissena (Bivalvia: Dreissenidae), with identification of the Quagga mussel as Dreissena bugensis, more


Czerniejewski, P.; Wawrzyniak, W.; Rybczyk, A. (2010). Diet of the Chinese mitten crab, Eriocheir sinensis H. Milne Edwards, 1853, and potential effects of the crab on the aquatic community in the River Odra/Oder estuary (N.-W. Poland), more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/graduation_16x16.gifCushman Laboratory for Foraminiferal Research Special Publication

Cushman, J.A.; Gray, H.B. (1946). A foraminiferal fauna from the Pliocene of Timms Point, California, more

Said, R. (1949). Foraminifera of the northern Red Sea, more


IJff, S. (2019). Spanjaards Duin: graven voor een vochtige(re) duinvallei, more

Veel, P. (2019). Libellen in de duinen van Zuid-Kennemerland, more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/graduation_16x16.gifEnvironmental Microbiology

Staal, M.; Rabouille, S.; Stal, L.J. (2007). On the role of oxygen for nitrogen fixation in the marine cyanobacterium Trichodesmium sp, more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/graduation_16x16.gifEnvironmental Pollution

Sertlek, H.Ö. et al. (2019). Source specific sound mapping: Spatial, temporal and spectral distribution of sound in the Dutch North Sea, more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/graduation_16x16.gifEstuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science

Staats, N. et al. (2001). Observations on Suspended Particulate Matter (SPM) and microalgae in the Dollard Estuary, The Netherlands: Importance of late winter ice cover of the intertidal flats, more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/graduation_16x16.gifEuropean Journal of Phycology

Staats, N. et al. (1999). Isolation and characterization of extracellular polysaccharides from the epipelic diatoms Cylindrotheca closterium and Navicula salinarum, more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/graduation_16x16.gifFreshwater Biology

Davis, A.R.; Ponder, W.F. (2019). Biogeographic conundrum: Why so few stream nerite species (Gastropoda: Neritidae) in Australia?, more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/graduation_16x16.gifGlobal Biogeochemical Cycles

Woolf, D.K. et al. (2019). Key uncertainties in the recent airsea flux of CO2, more


http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngFernandes, M.R. et al. (2018). mtDNA analysis of Mytilopsis (Bivalvia, Dreissenidae) invasion in Brazil reveals the existence of two species, more

Interagency Ecological Program Newsletter

Hymanson, Z.; Wang, J.; Sasaki, T. (1999). Lessons from the home of the Chinese mitten crab, more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/graduation_16x16.gifJournal of Conchology

Bamber, R.N.; Taylor, J.D. (2002). The brackish water mussel Mytilopsis leucophaeta (Conrad, 1831) (Bivalvia: Dreissenidae) in the river Thames, more

von Proschwitz, T. (2018). Two invasive brackish water mussel species in Sweden: Rangia cuneata (G. B. Sowerby I) and Mytilopsis leucophaeata (Conrad), more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/graduation_16x16.gifJournal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology

Staats, N.; Stal, L.J.; Mur, L.R. (2000). Exopolysaccharide production by the epipelic diatom Cylindrotheca closterium: effects of nutrient conditions, more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/graduation_16x16.gifJournal of Phycology

Staal, M. et al. (2003). Light action spectra of N2 fixation by heterocystous cyanobacteria from the Baltic Sea, more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/graduation_16x16.gifJournal of Sea Research

Schutter, M. et al. (2019). Oil and gas platforms as artificial substrates for epibenthic North Sea fauna: Effects of location and depth, more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/graduation_16x16.gifLimnology and Oceanography

Staal, M. et al. (2007). Nitrogen fixation along a north-south transect in the eastern Atlantic Ocean, more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/graduation_16x16.gifMalacologia: International Journal of Malacology

Heiler, K.C.M.; Nahavandi, N.; Albrecht, C. (2010). A new invasion into an ancient lake - The invasion history of the dreissenid mussel Mytilopsis leucophaeata (Conrad, 1831) and its first record in the Caspian Sea, more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/graduation_16x16.gifMitteilungen aus dem Hamburgischen zoologische Museum und Institut

Thiel, H. (1938). Die allgemeinen Ernährungsgrundlagen der chinesischen Wollhandkrabbe (Eriocheir sinensis Milne-Edwards) in Deutschland, insbesondere im Einwanderungsgebiet im weiteren Sinne, more

Mollusc World

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngGammell, M. (2007). Two new records of Mytilopsis leucophaeta in Britain, more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/graduation_16x16.gifOceanography and Marine Biology: An Annual Review

Swearer, S.E.; Treml, E.A.; Shima, J.S. (2019). A review of biophysical models of marine larval dispersal, more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/graduation_16x16.gifOceanological and Hydrobiological Studies

Brzana, R.; Janas, U.; Borecka, A. (2017). New records of Conrad’s false mussel Mytilopsis leucophaeata (Conrad, 1831) in the Vistula Delta, more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/graduation_16x16.gifPalaeontologia Electronica

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngSymphonia, T.; Senthil, N. (2019). Taxonomic notes on Recent Foraminifera from the continental shelf-slope region of southwestern Bay of Bengal, east coast of India, more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/graduation_16x16.gifPLoS One

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngTheuerkauf, S.J. et al. (2019). A global spatial analysis reveals where marine aquaculture can benefit nature and people, more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/graduation_16x16.gifScience (Washington)

Blowes, Shane A. et al. (2019). The geography of biodiversity change in marine and terrestrial assemblages, more

Brunet, T. et al. (2019). Light-regulated collective contractility in a multicellular choanoflagellate, more

Eriksson, B.K.; Hillebrand, H. (2019). Rapid reorganization of global biodiversity, more

Tomancak, P. (2019). Evolutionary history of tissue bending, more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/graduation_16x16.gifScience Advances

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngAlley, K.E. et al. (2019). Troughs developed in ice-stream shear margins precondition ice shelves for ocean-driven breakup, more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngBeatty, D.S. et al. (2019). Variable effects of local management on coral defenses against a thermally regulated bleaching pathogen, more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngJouffray, J.-B. et al. (2019). Leverage points in the financial sector for seafood sustainability, more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngKersting, D.K.; Linares, C. (2019). Living evidence of a fossil survival strategy raises hope for warming-affected corals, more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngPetrenko, I. et al. (2019). Extreme biomimetics: Preservation of molecular detail in centimeter-scale samples of biological meshes laid down by sponges, more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/graduation_16x16.gifScientific Reports (Nature Publishing Group)

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngAl-Janabi, B. et al. (2019). Sensitivities to global change drivers may correlate positively or negatively in a foundational marine macroalga, more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngAustin, R.E. et al. (2019). Patterns of at-sea behaviour at a hybrid zone between two threatened seabirds, more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngEriksen, N.T. et al. (2019). Growth and single cell kinetics of the loricate choanoflagellate Diaphanoeca grandis, more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngFoster, G. et al. (2019). Forensic microbiology reveals that Neisseria animaloris infections in harbour porpoises follow traumatic injuries by grey seals, more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngMurray, S.A. et al. (2019). Evaluation of sxtA and rDNA qPCR assays through monitoring of an inshore bloom of Alexandrium catenella Group 1, more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngSuzuki, S. et al. (2019). Depth-dependent transcriptomic response of diatoms during spring bloom in the western subarctic Pacific Ocean, more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/graduation_16x16.gifSpirula. Correspondentieblad

Neckheim, C.M. (2013). Verspreiding van de brakwaterstrandschelp Rangia cuneata (Sowerby, 1831) in Nederland, more

Stavanger Museums årshefte

Schaanning, H.T.L. (1929). En eiendommelig varietet av hummer (Homarus vulgaris), more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/graduation_16x16.gifThe Raffles Bulletin of Zoology

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngGuo, J.Y. et al. (1997). The taxonomy of three commercially important species of mitten crabs of the genus Eriocheir De Haan, 1835 (Crustacea: Decapoda: Brachyura: Grapsidae), more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/graduation_16x16.gifTropical ecology

da Costa, A.E.S.F. et al. (2019). Polycystine radiolarians within oligotrophic waters: higher abundance closer to tropical oceanic islands, more


Komai, T. et al. (2006). Eriocheir ogasawaraensis Komai, a new species of mitten crab (Crustacea: Decapoda: Brachyura: Varunidae) from the Ogasawara Islands, Japan, with notes on the systematics of Eriocheir De Haan, 1835, more



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http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngOrtuño Montesinos, R. (2019). Eficacia fagocítica en hemocitos de mejillón: efectos del mercurio en presencia de microplásticos extracelulares. MSc Thesis. Universidad Católica de Valencia San Vicente Mártir: Valencia. 69 pp, more

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Staats, N. (1999). Exopolysaccharide production by marine benthic diatoms. PhD Thesis. Universiteit van Amsterdam: Amsterdam. 100 pp, more



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