24 November, 2017

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OPEN MARINE ARCHIVE (OMA): the open repository of publications by Flemish/Belgian scientists.

(1981). Studiedag kustwater-estuariumverontreiniging. Koninklijke Vlaamse Ingenieursvereniging (KVIV): Brugge. [diff. pag.] pp., more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/graduation_16x16.gifGhyoot, C. et al. (2017). Introducing mixotrophy into a biogeochemical model describing an eutrophied coastal ecosystem: The Southern North Sea. Prog. Oceanogr. 157: 1-11. https://hdl.handle.net/10.1016/j.pocean.2017.08.002, more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/graduation_16x16.gifKraft, G.T. et al. (1999). Marine benthic red algae (Rhodophyta) from Bulusan, Sorsogon Province, Southern Luzon, Philippines. Philipp. Sci. 36: 1-50, more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/graduation_16x16.gifhttp://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngMeeremans, P. et al. (2017). Inter-rater reliability of categorical versus continuous scoring of fish vitality: does it affect the utility of the reflex action mortality predictor (RAMP) approach? PLoS One 12(7): e0179092. https://hdl.handle.net/10.1371/journal.pone.0179092, more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/graduation_16x16.gifhttp://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngMortelmans, J. et al. (2017). Two marine parasitic crustaceans new to the Belgian fauna. Belg. J. Zool. 147(2): 143–153. https://hdl.handle.net/10.26496/bjz.2017.12, more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/graduation_16x16.gifhttp://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngPost, K. et al. (2017). Scaldiporia vandokkumi, a new pontoporiid (Mammalia, Cetacea, Odontoceti) from the Late Miocene to earliest Pliocene of the Westerschelde estuary (The Netherlands). PeerJ 5: e3991. https://hdl.handle.net/10.7717/peerj.3991, more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/graduation_16x16.gifVercauteren, M. et al. (2017). First isolation of Vibrio tapetis and an atypical strain of Aeromonas salmonicida from skin ulcerations in common dab (Limanda limanda) in the North Sea. J. Fish Dis. Early view. https://hdl.handle.net/10.1111/jfd.12729, more



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Goodell, J. (2017). The water will come: rising seas, sinking cities, and the remaking of the civilized world. Little, Brown and Company: New York. ISBN 978-0-316-26024-4. 340 pp., more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngGroeneveld, J.C.; Koranteng, K.A. (Ed.) (2017). The RV Dr Fridtjof Nansen in the Western Indian Ocean: Voyages of marine research and capacity development. FAO: Rome. ISBN 978-92-5-109872-1. xiii, 237 + appendixes pp., more

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http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngWagner, D. et al. (2016). Photographic guide to the benthic flora and fauna from mesophotic coral ecosystems in the Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument. Marine Sanctuaries Conservation Series ONMS-16-04. Department of Commerce, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Office of National Marine Sanctuaries: Silver Spring. 87 pp., more



http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/graduation_16x16.gifDe Strandvlo: Driemaandelijks Tijdschrift van De Strandwerkgroep België

Fabrice, A. (2017). Waarnemingen tijdens krokusvakantie van 27 februari 2017 aan de westkust. , more

Rappé, G. (2017). Boekbespreking: Hans De Blauwe, 2017. Strandvondsten: een praktische veldgids. Fotograaf: Misjel Decleer. Stichting Kunstboek: Oostkamp, 336 p. , more


Nolf, F. (2017). Shelling on Saint Martin, the 'Friendly Island': part II: shoreline shells - Polyplacophora. , more

Nolf, F. (2017). Trigonostoma damasoi Cossignani, 2015 a junior synonym of Trigonostoma gofasi Verhecken, 2007 (Mollusca: Gastropoda: Cancellariidae). , more

Fehse, D. (2017). Contributions to the knowledge of the Eratoidae. XII. A new Alaerato C.N. Cate, 1977 from South Madagascar. , more

Fehse, D. (2017). Contributions to the knowledge of the Eratoidae. XIII. New species from the Philippines. , more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/graduation_16x16.gifPLoS One

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngClusa, L. et al. (2017). eDNA for detection of five highly invasive molluscs. A case study in urban rivers from the Iberian Peninsula. , more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngMeeremans, P. et al. (2017). Inter-rater reliability of categorical versus continuous scoring of fish vitality: does it affect the utility of the reflex action mortality predictor (RAMP) approach? , more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/graduation_16x16.gifProgress in Oceanography

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngWall-Palmer, D. et al. (2017). Biogeography and genetic diversity of the Atlantid heteropods. , more

Floeter, J. et al. (2017). Pelagic effects of offshore wind farm foundations in the stratified North Sea. , more

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Campanyà-Llovet, N. et al. (2017). Rethinking the importance of food quality in marine benthic food webs. , more

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White, W.T. et al. (2017). Revision of the genus Centrophorus (Squaliformes: Centrophoridae): Part 2. Description of two new species of Centrophorus and clarification of the status of Centrophorus lusitanicus Barbosa du Bocage & de Brito Capello, 1864. , more

Peña Cantero, A.L.; Horton, T. (2017). Benthic hydroids (Cnidaria, Hydrozoa) from bathyal and abyssal depths of the Northeast Atlantic held in the modern Discovery Collections. , more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngWoo, S.P. et al. (2017). A taxonomic revision of the genus Apostichopus (Holothuroidea: Stichopodidae) from Japan. , more


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http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngFrancis, J. et al. (2017). Impact on science, capacity development, policy and fisheries management, more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngGroeneveld, J.C. et al. (2017). The Nansen Programme in the Western Indian Ocean – a synthesis of results, more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngFrancis, J. et al. (2017). The way forward – where the Nansen Programme should focus in future, more



http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/graduation_16x16.gifNature Communications

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngRamesh, K. et al. (2017). Mussel larvae modify calcifying fluid carbonate chemistry to promote calcification. , more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngSandery, P.A.; Sakov, P. (2017). Ocean forecasting of mesoscale features can deteriorate by increasing model resolution towards the submesoscale. , more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngYan, X. et al. (2017). The role of Atlantic overturning circulation in the recent decline of Atlantic major hurricane frequency. , more


http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/graduation_16x16.gifNature: International Weekly Journal of Science

Hart, M.B. (1987). Sea changes of the past. , more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/graduation_16x16.gifScientific Reports (Nature Publishing Group)

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngJarett, J.K. et al. (2017). Comparative genomics of color morphs in the coral Montastraea cavernosa. , more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngKirkham, J.D. et al. (2017). Drift-dependent changes in iceberg size-frequency distributions. , more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngVigneron, A. et al. (2017). Comparative metagenomics of hydrocarbon and methane seeps of the Gulf of Mexico. , more

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http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngCronin, T.M. et al. (2017). Enhanced Arctic amplification began at the Mid-Brunhes Event ~400,000 years ago. , more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngFraser, M.W.; Kendrick, G.A. (2017). Belowground stressors and long-term seagrass declines in a historically degraded seagrass ecosystem after improved water quality. , more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngLin, Y. et al. (2017). Specific eukaryotic plankton are good predictors of net community production in the Western Antarctic Peninsula. , more

http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngHagedorn, M. et al. (2017). Producing coral offspring with cryopreserved sperm: A tool for coral reef restoration. , more

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http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/graduation_16x16.gifSCIENCE ToC

Hearn, A.R.; Bucaram, S.J. (2017). Ecuador's sharks face threats from within. , more

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http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/graduation_16x16.gifRamalhosa, P. et al. (2017). First record of the non-indigenous isopods Paracerceis sculpta (Holmes, 1904) and Sphaeroma walkeri Stebbing, 1905 (Isopoda, Sphaeromatidae) for Madeira Island. Crustaceana 90(14): 1747-1764. https://hdl.handle.net/10.1163/15685403-00003727, more

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http://www.vliz.be/images/imis/icons/openaccess.pngCastillo Oñate, S. (2017). Marine molluscs (Gastropoda and Bivalvia) from Northwest Africa. PhD Thesis. Universida de Vigo: Vigo. 315, 14 pl. + annexes pp. , more



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