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OPEN MARINE ARCHIVE (OMA):  the open repository of publications by Flemish/Belgian scientists.

Anon. (2005) Derde memorandum van overeenstemming tussen Vlaanderen en Nederland met betrekking tot de onderlinge samenwerking ten aanzien van het Schelde-estuarium. [S.n.]: [S.l.]. 11 pp., details

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(for details on articles in these issues: see paragraph 'Articles & papers')

Eos Magazine: Wetenschap en Technologie voor Mens en Maatschappij. Cascade: Gent, Belgium. ISSN 0772-0084. Vol. 23(7-8) 2006 (holdings, look here)

Nature: international weekly journal of science. London, UK: Nature Publishing Group. ISSN 0028-0836. Vol. 443-444(7113-7115) 2006 (holdings, look here)

Science. American Association for the Advancement of Science: Washington DC, USA. ISSN 0036-8075. Vol. 314(5799-5800) 2006 (holdings, look here)

 Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society. Linnean Society of London: London, UK. ISSN 0024-4082. Vol. 148(2) 2006 (holdings, look here)



(for details on articles in these issues: see paragraph 'Articles & papers')

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Eos Magazine [Eos]

vol. 23(7-8) 2006

Steketee, M. (2006) Marinevaartuigen te kust en te keur. Eos 23(7-8): 56-59, details

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Nature: international weekly journal of science [Nature (Lond.)]

(marine science related articles in issues received, selection by editor)

vol. 443(7113) 2006

Letters to Nature

Kienast, M.; Kienast, S.S.; Calvert, S.E.; Eglinton, T.I.; Mollenhauer, G.; François, R.; Mix, A.C. (2006) Eastern Pacific cooling and Atlantic overturning circulation during the last deglaciation. Nature (Lond.) 443(7113): 846-849, details

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vol.  443(7114) 2006

News features

Marris, E. (2006) Marine natural products: Drugs from the deep. Nature (Lond.) 443(7114): 904-905, details

News and views

De La Rocha, C.L. (2006) In hot water. Nature (Lond.) 443(7114): 920-921, details

Janvier, P. (2006) Modern look for ancient lamprey. Nature (Lond.) 443(7114): 921-924, details

Letters to Nature

Robert, F.; Chaussidon, M. (2006) A palaeotemperature curve for the Precambrian oceans based on silicon isotopes in cherts. Nature (Lond.) 443(7114): 969-972, details

Gess, R.W.; Coates, M.I.; Rubidge, B.S. (2006) A lamprey from the Devonian period of South Africa. Nature (Lond.) 443(7114): 981-984, details


vol. 444(7115) 2006

Letters to Nature

Bourlat, S.J.; Juliusdottir, T.; Lowe, C.J.; Freeman, R.; Aronowicz, J.; Kirschner, M.; Lander, E.S.; Thorndyke, M.; Nakano, H.; Kohn, A.B.; Heyland, A.; Moroz, L.L.; Copley, R.R.; Telford, M.J. (2006) Deuterostome phylogeny reveals monophyletic chordates and the new phylum Xenoturbellida. Nature (Lond.) 444(7115): 85-88, details


Science (Washington) [Science (Wash.)]

(marine science related articles in issues received, selection by editor)

vol. 314(5799) 2006


Yandle, T.; Osherenko, G.; Young, O.R.; Crowder, L.B.; Wilson, J.A.; Norse, E.A. (2006) Property rights and ocean governance. Science (Wash.) 314(5799): 593-595, details


Malin, G. (2006) New pieces for the marine sulfur cycle jigsaw. Science (Wash.) 314(5799): 607-608, details

Technical comment abstracts

Matear, R.J. (2006) Comment on "Preindustrial to modern interdecadal variability in coral reef pH". Science (Wash.) 314(5799): 595b, details

Pelejero, C.; Calvo, E;; McCulloch, M.T.; Marshall, J.F.; Gagan, M.K.; Lough, J.M.; Opdyke, B.N. (2006) Response to comment on "Preindustrial to modern interdecadal variability in coral reef pH". Science (Wash.) 314(5799): 595c, details


Howard, E.C.; Henriksen, J.R.; Buchan, A.; Reisch, C.R.; Bürgmann, H.; Welsh, R.; Ye, W.; González, J.M.; Mace, K.; Joye, S.B.; Kiene, R.P.; Whitman, W.B.; Moran, M.A. (2006) Bacterial taxa that limit sulfur flux from the ocean. Science (Wash.) 314(5799): 649-652, details

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vol. 314(5800) 2006

News of the week

Stokstad, E. (2006) Global loss of biodiversity harming ocean bounty. Science (Wash.) 314(5800): 745, details


Ricciardi, A.; Jameson, S.C.; McManus, E.; Besançon, C.; Johnson, T.; Spalding, M.; Kelleher, G.; Boucher, T.; Fish, L.; Mora, C.; Andréfouët, S.; Costello, M.J.; Kranenburg, C.; Rollo, A.; Veron, J.; Gaston, K.J.; Myers, R.A. (2006) How protected are coral reefs? Science (Wash.) 314(5800): 757-760, details

Research articles

Worm, B.; Barbier, E.B.; Beaumont, N.; Duffy, J.E.; Folke, C.; Halpern, B.S.; Jackson, J.B.C.; Lotze, H.K.; Micheli, F.; Palumbi, S.R.; Sala, E.; Selkoe, K.A.; Stachowicz, J.J.; Watson, R. (2006) Impacts of biodiversity loss on ocean ecosystem services. Science (Wash.) 314(5800): 787-790, details

Science Express

Meskhidze, N.; Nenes, A. (2006) Phytoplankton and cloudiness in the Southern Ocean. Science (Wash.) 314(5800): 10.1126/science.1131779, details


Zoological journal of the Linnean Society [Zool. J. Linn. Soc]

(marine science related articles in issues received, selection by editor

vol. 148(2) 2006

Jaume, D.; Boxshall, G.A.; Bamber, R.N. (2006) A new genus from the continental slope off Brazil and the discovery of the first males in the Hirsutiidae (Crustacea: Peracarida: Bochusacea). Zool. J. Linn. Soc. 148(2): 169-208, details

Carcupino, M.; Floris, A.; Addis, A.; Castelli, A.; Curini-Galletti, M. (2006) A new species of the genus Lightiella: the first record of Cephalocarida (Crustacea) in Europe. Zool. J. Linn. Soc. 148(2): 209-220, details



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