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(for details on articles in these issues: see paragraph 'Articles & papers')

Aquatic Botany. Amsterdam, The Netherlands: Elsevier Science. ISSN 0304-3770. Vol. 85(3) 2006 (holdings, look here)

Aquatic Toxicology. Elsevier Science: Amsterdam, The Netherlands. ISSN 0166-445X. Vol. 79(2) 2006  (holdings, look here)

Atlantic Seabirds: quarterly journal of the Seabird Group and of the Dutch Seabird Group. Seabird Group and Dutch Seabird Group: Texel, The Netherlands. ISSN 1388-2511. Vol. 7(2) 2005 (holdings, look here)

Biological Journal of the Linnean Society. Academic Press: London, UK. ISSN 0024-4066. Vol. 89(1) 2006 (holdings, look here)

Nature: international weekly journal of science. London, UK: Nature Publishing Group. ISSN 0028-0836. Vol. 442(7105) 2006 (holdings, look here)

New Scientist. London, UK: Reed Business Information. ISSN 0262-4079. Vol. 190(2556) and vol. 191(2560-2563) 2006 (holdings, look here)

Science. American Association for the Advancement of Science: Washington DC, USA. ISSN 0036-8075. Vol. 313(5789) 2006 (holdings, look here)

Het Zeepaard. Strandwerkgemeenschap van KNNV/NJN/JNM: Leiden, The Netherlands. ISSN 0926-3497. Vol. 66(4) 2006 (holdings, look here)



(for details on articles in these issues: see paragraph 'Articles & papers')

Richard, J. ([s.d.]) Le Musée Océanographique de Monaco. Musée océanographique de Monaco: Monanco. 56 pp., details



Aquatic Botany [Aquat. Bot.]

vol. 85(3) 2006

Talbot, S.L.; Wyllie-Echeverria, S.; Ward, D.H.; Rearick, J.R.; Sage, G.K.; Chesney, B.; Phillips, R.C. (2006) Genetic characterization of Zostera asiatica on the Pacific coast of North America. Aquat. Bot. 85(3): 169-176, details

Hoshika, A.; Sarkera, M.J.; Ishida, S.; Mishima, Y.; Takai, N. (2006) Food web analysis of an eelgrass (Zostera marina L.) meadow and neighbouring sites in Mitsukuchi Bay (Seto Inland Sea, Japan) using carbon and nitrogen stable isotope ratios. Aquat. Bot. 85(3): 191-197, details

Larkin, P.; Quevedo, E.; Salinas, S.; Parker, J.; Storey, K.; Hardegree, B. (2006) Genetic structure of two Thalassia testudinum populations from the south Texas Gulf coast. Aquat. Bot. 85(3): 198-202, details

Alexandre, A.; Cabaço, S.; Santos, R.; Serrão, E.A. (2006) Timing and success of reproductive stages in the seagrass Zostera noltii. Aquat. Bot. 85(3): 219-223, details

Phillips, R.C.; Milchakova, N.A.; Alexandrov, V.V. (2006) Growth dynamics of Zostera in Sevastopol Bay (Crimea, Black Sea). Aquat. Bot. 85(3): 244-248, details

Short, F.T.; Fernandez, E.; Vernon, A.; Gaeckle, J.L. (2006) Occurrence of Halophila baillonii meadows in Belize, Central America. Aquat. Bot. 85(3): 249-251, details

Friedlander, M.; Kosov, Y.; Keret, G.; Dawes, C.J. (2006) Production of rhizoids by Caulerpa prolifera in culture. Aquat. Bot. 85(3): 263-266, details

Westera, M.B.; Lavery, P.S. (2006) A comparison of hole punch and needle punch methods for the measurement of seagrass productivity. Aquat. Bot. 85(3): 267-269, details


Aquatic Toxicology  [Aquat. Toxicol.]

(marine science related articles in issues received, selection by editor)

vol. 79(2) 2006

Danis, B.; Cattini, C.; Teyssié, J.-L.; Villeneuve, J.-P.; Fowler, S.W.; Warnau, M. (2006) Coplanar and non-coplanar congener-specificity of PCB bioaccumulation and immunotoxicity in sea stars. Aquat. Toxicol. 79(2): 105-113, details

Caminda, D.; Eschef, C.; Fent, K. (2006) Cytotoxicity of pharmaceuticals found in aquatic systems: comparison of PLHC-1 and RTG-2 fish cell lines. Aquat. Toxicol. 79(2): 114-123, details


Atlantic Seabirds

vol. 7(2) 2005

Camphuysen, K.C.J. (2005) Assessing age and breeding origin of wrecked little auks Alle alle: the use of biometrics and a variable underwing pattern. Atlantic Seabirds 7(2): 49-70, details

Bried, J.; Bolton, M. (2005) An initial estimate of age at first return and breeding in Madeiran storm-petrels Oceanodroma castro. Atlantic Seabirds 7(2): 71-74, details

Sanders, J.G.; Harris, M.P. (2005) The Alderney northern gannetries - photographic counts of Ortac and Les Etacs, Channel Islands in 2005. Atlantic Seabirds 7(2): 75-82, details

Hjernquist, M.A.; Hjernquist, M.; Hjernquist, B.; Hjernquist, K.A.T. (2005) Common guillemots Uria aalge differentiate their niche to coexist with colonizing great cormorants Phalacrocorax carbo. Atlantic Seabirds 7(2): 83-89, details

Ludwigs, J.-D. (2005) Common tern Sterna hirundo mating with two females successively in one season. Atlantic Seabirds 7(2): 90-92, details


Biological Journal of the Linnean Society [Biol. J. Linn. Soc.]

(marine science related articles in issues received, selection by editor)

vol. 88(4) 2006

Petkeviciute, R.; Stunženas, V.; Staneviciute, G. (2006) Polymorphism of the Sphaerium corneum (Bivalvia, Veneroida, Sphaeriidae) revealed by cytogenetic and sequence comparison. Biol. J. Linn. Soc. 89(1): 53-64, details

Bonnaud, L.; Lu, C.C.; Boucher-Rodoni, R. (2006) Morphological character evolution and molecular trees in sepiids (Mollusca: Cephalopoda): is the cuttlebone a robust phylogenetic marker? Biol. J. Linn. Soc. 89(1): 139-150, details


Nature: international weekly journal of science [Nature (Lond.)]

(marine science related articles in issues received, selection by editor)

 vol. 442(7105) 2006

Research highlights

Anon. (2006) A fossil whale bares its teeth. Nature (Lond.) 442(7105): 850, details

News and views

Mitchinson, A. (2006) Mussel muscle. Nature (Lond.) 442(7105): 877, details


New Scientist [New Sci.]

(marine science related articles in issues received, selection by editor)

 vol. 191(2560) 2006


Hooper, R. (2006) Revelations from the abyss. New Sci. 191(2560): 8-9, details


vol. 191(2561) 2006


Anon. (2006) Tsunami strikes. New Sci. 191(2561): 7, details

Anon. (2006) The Red Sea parts. New Sci. 191(2561): 22, details

Anon. (2006) New pathway to pollution in Artic. New Sci. 191(2561): 23, details


vol. 191(2562) 2006


Anon. (2006) Recycled fin landed fish out of water. New Sci. 191(2562): 19, details


vol. 191(2563) 2006


Anon. (2006) Amazing diversity of marine bacteria. New Sci. 191(2563): 18, details


Henderson, C. (2006) Rising carbon dioxide levels are changing the oceans' chemistry. New Sci. 191(2563): 28-33, details


Science (Washington) [Science (Wash.)

(marine science related articles in issues received, selection by editor

vol. 313(5789) 2006

Messersmith, P. (2006) Why mussels can stick to anything. Science (Wash.) 313(5789): ScienceNOW/2006/814/2, details


Het Zeepaard

vol. 66(4) 2006

Antheunisse, M. (2006) Korren en korwaarnemingen: Excursie Hoek van Holland, zondag 24 september 2006. Het Zeepaard 66(4): 98-100, details

Faasse, M. (2006) Botrylloides cf. diegensis (Ritter & Forsyth, 1917) en B. violaceus Oka, 1923 in Nederland. Het Zeepaard 66(4): 101-105, details

Cadée, G.C.; Daan, R.; De Wolf, P. (2006) Verse otterschelpen aangespoeld op Texel, zilvermeeuwen waren ons voor. Het Zeepaard 66(4): 106-109, details

Bor, P. (2006) Gestrand ... in de krant (5). Het Zeepaard 66(4): 110-112, details

Moerdijk, P. (2006) Otterschelpen bij Neeltje Jans: Lutraria angustior Philippi, 1844 voor het eerst vers op het Nederlandse strand. Het Zeepaard 66(4): 113-115, details

Cadée, G.C.; Brugge, H. (2006) Nypa fruticans vruchten op Texels strand. Het Zeepaard 66(4): 116-117, details

Holsteijn, H. (2006) Nieuw in Nederland: Haliclystus auricula (Rathke, 1806). Het Zeepaard 66(4): 124-128, details



Anon. ([2006]) National Belgian report on the implementation of Recommendation 2002/413/EC: Integrated Coastal Zone Managmenent = Nationaal rapport van België inzake de Aanbeveling 2002/413/EC: Geïntegreerd Kustzonebeheer = Rapport national de la Belgique sur la mise en oeuvre de la Recommandation 2002/413/EC: Gestion Intégrée des Zones Côtières. North Sea and Oceans Steering Committee/Coordination Centre for the Integrated Coastal Zone Management: Belgium. 40 pp., details

Anon. (2006) Waterbouwkundig Laboratorium en Hydrologisch Onderzoek: voorstelling van de activiteiten in 2005. Waterbouwkunding Laboratorium: Borgerhout, Belgium. 138, ill. pp., details

Kesteloo, J.J.; van Stralen, M.R.; Steenbergen, J.S. (2006) Het kokkelbestand in de Nederlandse kustwateren in 2006. RIVO Rapport, C054/06. RIVO: Wageningen, The Netherlands. 46 pp., details

Lipiatou, E. (Ed.) (1997) Interdisciplinary research in the Mediterranean Sea: a synthesis of scientific results from the Mediterranean targeted project (MTP) Phase I 1993-96. Research in enclosed sea series, 1. European Commission, Directorate-General, Environment: Luxembourg. ISBN 92-828-1554-4. 344 pp., details



Ives, J. E. (1981) Crustacea from the northern coast of Yucatan, the harbor of Vera Cruz, the west coast of Florida and the Bermuda Islands. Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. Philad. 43: 176–200, details

Lütolf, M.; Kienast, F.; Guisan, A. (2006). The ghost of past species occurrence: improving species distribution models for presence-only data. J. Appl. Ecol. 43(4): 802-815, details

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